Why Care About Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Boycott of Israel?

I love ice cream, almost any ice cream. I don’t think I could even differentiate among ice creams from Haagen-Dazs, Baskin Robbins, Breyers, Dreyers, Blue Bell, Chapmans, Ben and Jerry’s or any of the great local homemade brands. Although I like to support local.

In fact, there are so many choices of ice cream, living without Ben and Jerry’s is an easy decision. Who needs politics with their ice cream? Especially when it is either biased, misinformed, bigoted or all three.

1) What’s the upside of a Ben and Jerry’s Boycott of Israel, even if it is only boycotting Judea & Samaria?

There’s two good reasons why I’m not upset about the Ben and Jerry’s fiasco. First, it’s a wake-up call to many Jews and their allies that antisemitism not only exists, but it is being normalized and supported by unJews like Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, the founders who pushed a social justice agenda with their product, publicly support the boycott .

Ben & Jerry: Social Justice Warriors boycotting Judea and Samaria

Second, this is a teaching moment. Because of all the attention this ridiculous boycott is getting, End Jew Hatred hopes to get more people to learn what’s really behind the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement which boycotts the only free, multicultural, democratic country in the Middle East. This yet is another crude example of the irrational, historic, and biased practice of antisemitism.

2) Who led this boycott?

Though owned by Unilever, the independent board of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream voted to boycott Israel. Anuradha Mittal, chair of Ben and Jerry’s Board of Directors, gleefully led the call to prevent the Jews, Arabs, Christians, and Druze of Israel from getting their ice cream. Unfortunately for her, the parent company does not support the entire BDS movement; however, it does recognize the independence of the ice cream company and has agreed to the boycott of Jews in Judea and Samaria, the historic homeland of the indigenous people, the Jews. Mittal expressed her satisfaction with their decision knowing how much publicity it would achieve.

Anuradha Mittal: The leader of the anti-Israel pack

According to one report, Mittal has posted over 107 tweets condemning Israel and accusing it of various crimes. The creation of Israel, the Jewish homeland, was a “catastrophe” according to her. No problem with 22 Arab Muslim countries, but who needs one Jewish state situated in its biblical and historic homeland? To people like her, Moses, Solomon, Jacob, David, while all part of Jewish history, don’t seem to matter as a part of the validation of the Jewish ancestral homeland.

For people like Mittal, destroying Israel is justified, but the reason isn’t provided. Is social justice served by having one more Muslim Arab state and wiping out the only Jewish one? Does Mittal and her band of social justice warriors prefer the way Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) govern their people? How exactly is social justice served by governments that abhor other religions, LGBTQ folks, women’s rights, and the rights of children?

3) Mittal fights for the rights of “Palestinians”

Social justice warriors like Mittal want to destroy the free and democratic state of Israel so it can be replaced by a Palestinian state. The Palestinian Arabs have been working hard since they were created as a Palestinian people by the Egyptian-born Yasser Arafat and the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in 1967 to build their ideal state. The fruits of their labor, after all these years, are there for anyone who has eyes to see.

Freedom of the press in Gaza (reporter beaten by Hamas’s security)

Here are a few questions most of these leftist social justice warriors are afraid to ask. When was the last free election in Hamas-ruled Gaza or the Fatah-controlled “West Bank”? Do they have any free press, free speech, women’s rights, gay rights? So much for a “free Palestine.”

Maryam Banat, 67, mother of Palestinian Authority critic Nizar Banat holds a poster with his picture while attending a rally protesting his killing by Palestinian Authority Forces (for speaking out against the corrupt PA regime), in the “West Bank” city of Ramallah, July 3, 2021. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

Why did 86% of Israeli Arabs in a recent survey (2015) say they would rather live under Israel’s government and not under the Islamist rulers of the “West Bank” or Gaza. What might we infer from this survey data about the true demands of the Arab population?

Another survey found that 65% of Israeli Arabs are proud of their Israeli nationality. Compare that with a 2020 survey finding that 63% of Americans reported that they were proud to be American.

Of course, let’s not forget what would await the Jews in the wonderful new Palestinian state that the social justice warriors desire to create. It will be completely Judenrein! Free of all Jews. The leader of the Palestinian Authority and likely President of any future Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, has already made it clear that not a single Jew will be permitted to live in any future Palestinian state (ethnic cleansing?). When they start clearing out the Jews (“from river to sea”), its likely all those righteous social justice warriors will have gone home to eat their ice cream. Bless their little hearts.

4) Winning battles but losing the psychological war

While Israel has had to win many military battles to continue to exist, less attention has been paid to the psychological and etymological battles. Few people know about Russia’s influence in developing the sophisticated psychological and political war for the Palestinian Arabs against Israel. The strategy and tactics went into high gear starting in the early 2000’s.

For example, the manipulation and adoption, now accepted use of their terms, such as “Nakba” (1948) and “occupation” (1967), instead of the “rebirth” of Israel and “liberation” of Jerusalem, have been very costly for Israel.

Other terms, like “settlers,” “apartheid,” “colonizers,” “ethnic cleansing,” “war crimes,” “violations of international law,” have been wielded like a club against Israel by undemocratic, often dictator-led countries along with their left-wing progressive friends around the world.

These terms have become normalized in everyday language, according to our enemies’ plan. The unJews, such as Ben and Jerry, Independent Jewish Voices, If Not Now, and their bedfellows have adopted these weaponized terms causing damage to the Jewish state.

Nobody seems to care about Saudi Arabian Apartheid.

By having ignored the psychological and political aspects of warfare, Israel now finds itself in the difficult position of having to justify its very existence in the media, leftist political circles, progressive NGO’s, and of course among extremist Islamist countries which dominate at the UN. One can learn more about the details of this psycho-political war and how the Russians trained the Arabs to implement it in a comprehensive article by Nelly Atlan.

5) What triggers these social justice warriors to boycott Israel?