A Vigil and Varied Voices | CAEF Bulletin September 10, 2021

End Jew Hatred Vigil Because Every Jew Counts

On September 2nd, End Jew Hatred Canada, a movement powered by CAEF, held a vigil at Earl Bales Park in mid-town Toronto, for two young men whose lives were cut short by the hatred of others, leaving their families, friends and communities overwhelmed with grief. The entire global Jewish community was struck a blow but stands strong and resolved.

We remember yeshiva student Shmuel Silverberg, killed outside his school in Denver, after 5 hooligans who’d escaped a juvenile facility, hunted him down. We remember Israeli border policeman Barel Shmueli, who was murdered by a terrorist who shot him in the head while guarding the Gaza border and protecting others from rioters.

We remember, and we honour them for they honoured us, and as Jeff Dorfman said at the vigil, one embodied the spiritual commitment to the Jewish people and the other, the physical commitment. Both were spoken of as guardians of Judaism and Israel, as our light and leaders, taken mercilessly by Jew haters, enemies of our people.

Speakers at the vigil included Anita Bromberg, co-chair of End Jew Hatred Canada and President of CAEF, Cantor Michael Black, Mariana Fox, IDF veteran, university student, Israeli/Canadian, Jeff Dorfman, VP of CAEF and several individuals who attended the vigil and voluntarily added their thoughts and feelings. Read story in TheJ.ca.

A message from Tom and Brenda

CAEF friends sent a message that they could not attend the vigil in person, but they were holding one on their own. This message received September 3rd.

“We are attaching photos of our vigil to lift Shmuel Silverberg and Barel Shmueli in prayer and remembrance. Too long has the children of Israel been removed from life. We are very saddened.”

Tom & Brenda & family

Readers Write

Allan Stanley Edwards-Krett was born in London, UK in 1932 and lived through the blitz. On watching the rocket attacks from Hamas that rained down on Israel in May this year he submitted a personal story to CAEF about his experience as a child, his understanding of Israel’s historic and legal rights, and his fears for Israel and the Jewish people as the madman of Iran and the Islamist Arabs conspire to eradicate Israel as Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem and others conspired to eradicate the Jewish people. The Nazis did more than conspire—they acted heinously. The fear today is palpable as the Ayatollah and their Iranian proxies, act out on Israel with regularity. Is history repeating itself asks Krett?

Is History Repeating Itself?

When I read about people running for cover in the midst of falling rockets, I am reminded of me as a seven-year-old boy in London in 1940 during the blitz. Every night sirens went off to warn us of enemy planes coming over to bomb us indiscriminately with high explosives and incendiary bombs. In our house we did not go up to bed, we went down into the cellar where our family beds were.

This was an improvement from going into our garden, into the recently built Anderson shelter. We listened to the drone of the planes, the ack-ack fire, the blast of the high explosives, which depending how close the hit, would send reverberations though the walls. We had our buckets of sand and shovels on broom handles, for the adults to rush upstairs to the attic, when they thought an incendiary had pierced the roof, hoping to snuff out the fire before it got started. When the enemy planes with empty bomb bays started their return journey to Germany, the all- clear sounded, we would get ready to walk to school, on the way picking up pieces of shrapnel, some still warm. Sometimes, the school was no longer there, it had received a direct hit from a high explosive! This was the norm for about seven months, although there were daylight air raids as well, and other cities were also being bombed in a similar manner.

Why did this situation arise?

Was it because in the 1930s, Adolph Hitler wished to annihilate the Jewish race and had a strategic plan for world domination? As he gained power in Austria and Germany, concerns were raised outside of Germany, but the European world felt his extreme rhetoric was only for show, and his threats were ignored, even when he supported Franco in the Spanish Civil War in 1936, which provided the German military with combat experience for their latest technology.

In May 1942 Britain started retaliatory air raids on German cities dropping high explosive and incendiaries on cities like Cologne, Berlin, Dresden and others, causing extensive damage, death and fire. By the Time WWII ended in 1945, 75 million people had died, about 20 million in the military and the rest due to deliberate genocide, massacres, mass bombing, disease and starvation.

Iran is using Hamas and Hezbollah, two terrorist groups as testing grounds for their rockets and technology, and if allowed, nuclear devices will be in their arsenal for their proposed domination of the western world.

Both the “moderates” and the “radicals” in Iran want Islam to play a major role in the world scene, whereas America supports a world order which does not differentiate among nations on religious grounds.

Remember Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has stated on many occasions he is determined to destroy Israel. He states he does not want to eliminate Jews, but rather just to eliminate Israel, and deny its legitimacy and its right to exist. Remember Israel is the indigenous home of the Jewish people for nigh on three thousand years.

For those who are currently being educated by social media and question the legitimacy of Israel and consider Israel a colonizer in the Middle East, I offer some ancient and recent date facts:

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Jews Don’t Count, Book Review by Jonathan Usher

One prolific letter writer sent word about a book he’d recently read and we felt that other readers of this Bulletin might find it informative and a way to understand the situation that Jews find themselves in today as antisemitism becomes normalized. Here is the link to Jonathan’s review of Jews Don’t Count by David Baddiel. Making it “acceptable” is a sign of the times and a terrible sign of where we stand in history and doesn’t bode well for where things are going.

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This Election Don’t Vote Palestine; Vote for Justice, Peace and Freedom

A really ugly antisemitic campaign is being played out by 50+ anti-Israel organizations under the banner #VotePalestine. That all candidates are being asked to pledge their hatred of Israel, to deny the truth, to stand against justice, and to share bigotry that comes from demonizing Israel and a false “narrative” about the plight of Arabs whose real tormentors are their own leaders, is a sign that the Canadian electorate are being treated like idiots and fed the fodder of hatred. When there are scores of serious injustices in this world, with the latest tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan just as our election was called, what does it say about the these obscenely obsessed Jew haters?

#PallywoodMitzvahMedia, where lies are met with the truth, a Canada/USA initiative sent us an alternate message to share widely and we encourage everyone reading this to share it. Take a stand for humanity. Post these on your social media, email to friends.