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CAEF Letter: The Nimbus Project and Antisemitism at Amazon

October 30, 2019

Dear Amazon Management;

It has come to our attention that a significant number of employees of your company and Google signed a letter on October 12, 2021 demanding that your two companies boycott Israel, withdraw from a contract and presumably not do business with the country at all. This is the sure sign of antisemitism at work and can be attributed in part to ignorance, and for sure in part to Jew hatred and we urge you to address both parts.

It is becoming increasingly concerning that Jew hatred is on the rise in the US, Canada, UK and all western countries and it is coming from lies and bigotry expressed by those on the left, the right and from Islamists. It is a confluence of authoritarian ideas; the fascists, Islamists and communists have always been aligned in their inhumane hatred of the Jews and it is now expressed by their insatiable insane hatred of Israel, the world’s only Jewish state.

The Jewish people have been resident in Israel for over 4000 years. The Jews come from Judea! The Jews were driven from Israel countless times by invaders but they did not all leave so there has been a continuous presence for thousands of years, long before the Arab invasion. Arabs come from Arabia! Jews are indigenous not occupiers.

The Jews are not practicing apartheid or ethnic cleansing. Note that the Muslim population has increased exponentially since the Jewish state was created; hardly the sign of a genocide or ethnic cleansing and any user of any browser can “google” to see that Israel is made up of people from dozens of countries and people of all colours and creeds serve in the Knesset. Islamists have representation in the government!! The citizens of Israel all have equal rights and Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East and North Africa. Israel is the only country that did not bring Black Africans in to be slaves, but rather gave them immediate citizenship. Five Arab countries continue to have African slave markets in 2021!!

Israel is a legal country, and if not, then neither is Iraq, Lebanon, Syria or Jordan, all created at the same time at the San Remo conference of 1920, with final borders approved at the league of Nations in 1922, only to have Israel’s borders reduced in 1947 at the UN. Then Israel was invaded by 5 Arab armies and Jordan illegally held Judea and Samaria for 19 years until it was liberated in a defensive war in 1967!

Israel is under constant attack by Hamas, the Islamist terrorists who run Gaza, and the Palestinian Authority which runs independent Arab enclaves in Judea and Samaria, and pays its people to kill Jews. The PA locks up its own people if they choose to recognize Israel!!

So, Management of Amazon, it is your responsibility to share truth with your employees who are under the misconception, fed by disinformation campaigns, Jew hatred, distorted facts and just ignorance, that Israel is a pariah state. Israel is a welcome member of the global community, a tremendous contributor to science, medicine, technology, agriculture, the arts, humanity and more, and ALL the world benefits. The population of Israel is 20% Arab, 51% of the Jews come from Arab countries from which they were forcibly evicted and had all wealth and possessions stolen, so please Mr and Ms Management, get the truth to your employees. You have significant resources and can offer free programs, books, videos, virtual and in-person lectures to counter the hate. Fix the problem!

As a company, Amazon is doing an amazing amount of advertising in Canada for employees but why should people want to work for a company that fosters antisemitism? Were there attacks on Black people, LGBTQ people, Indigenous or disabled people or any other minority, you would address it, hold training programs and weed out the haters or misinformed. So, do it now. Find the source of the antisemitism and deal with it, require training among your supervisors, and we can help. Do more to End Jew Hatred!

It is the responsibility of your company to do more than just sit by while 400 employees of two major corporations spread antisemitic lies and undermine the values of your company, and threaten your relations with other countries, peoples and the world at large. No one benefits from such ignorance and hatred.

We look forward to receiving a forward looking response, and your commitment to address Jew hatred. Good luck with your Project Nimbus but don’t miss the opportunity to address the crisis inside your company, and to stop the spread of the antisemitic virus.


Andria Spindel,

Executive Director

Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation

PO Box 77598 Sheppard Plaza PO

Toronto, ON

M3H 6A7


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