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Can You Handle the Truth? - CAEF Bulletin - March 27, 2020


CAEF Web Talks - Antisemitism is a Virus Too!

Monday March 30th, 2020 at 2:00 PM The IHRA, ONE ANTIDOTE AGAINST ANTISEMITISM Featuring: Yifa Segal, Legal Expert Register Now Click here for more information


Can You Handle the Truth About Israel?

This photo shows the true Israel, not exactly the “apartheid” that antisemites would have people believe.

The Lie of Occupation

Im Tirtzu with support from Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights, a Project of CAEF, produced a powerful video with the truth, there is No Occupation. The speaker is an Arab Palestinian and former jihadist who had been committed to killing Israelis and wiping Israel off the map. He is now one of many Arabs who are willing to tell the truth—THERE IS NO OCCUPATION, THERE IS NO APARTHEID, ISRAEL OWNS THE LAND, PA AND HAMAS ARAB LEADERSHIP ARE CORRUPT, UNSCRUPULOUS, ANTISEMITES COMMITTED TO USING TERROR.

CAEF Calls for an End to Campus Hate Events, BDS Resolutions and Antisemitism

On March 24th, CAEF disseminated a press release to major national papers, and to all university presidents in Canada, stating that Israel Apartheid Weeks, BDS campaigns and other anti-Israel slanders are antisemitic, they are the oldest hatred and they are again a global virus. We are inviting all Jewish organizations and members of the Jewish and other communities to join us in a campaign to rid “the Academy” of antisemitism. The end of IAW is overdue.

The BDS campaigns are inflammatory, hate-filled, slanderous and bigoted. The protection under human rights must include Jewish rights, the right of Jewish students to an education in an environment free of hatred, free of discrimination against our people and our national homeland. Arguments about free speech are misplaced, excuses for doing nothing. That student associations are “independent” is a scurrilous argument as they take funds from students, including Jewish students, and are, therefore expected to respect the laws and values of the land. Student councils and clubs are inherently part of the greater university experience so must be held accountable. That they use university resources, including venues, AV equipment, tools of communication, time on business agendas and more, tells us that they use public funds, so must be confronted by the Jewish community to be accountable, and CAEF is initiating exactly that!

In 1920 the Spanish Flu Did Not Hold Up the San Remo Conference; in 2020 We Commemorate 100 Years of the Promise that is the Jewish State.

The European Coalition for Israel issued an important press release on March 25, 2020, calling on the EU to combat antisemitism. While plans to commemorate the San Remo Conference and resolution that laid the foundation for rebuilding the Jewish state in Israel, might be held up, or brought to us via the internet, the main focus is that we still must celebrate. One hundred years ago on April 25, the world promised the Jews a return to their native home, and acknowledged Jewish historical rights to all of Israel, in fact to all of a much larger piece of land that is the State of Israel today. We will celebrate this momentous event when the current pandemic is gone, but let us not forget that throughout history the Jewish people survived the worst that humankind and nature have thrown at us. We will survive and thrive because this is the truth - Israel belongs to the Jewish people, see historical truths in this video.


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