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It came to the attention of CAEF that an anti-Israel rally, endorsing terrorism was scheduled for Friday evening, July 7th at the Roncesvalles Pedestrian Bridge. We notified Toronto police, spoke with City Councilors and others, and recommend charges be laid if the inciting messages were carried out during this rally.

Below is the Toronto4Palestine poster (on the right) and a poster prepared by Honest Reporting Canada (on the left), which was produced to make everyone aware of this horrible situation. This event and others like it have the potential to harm Jews locally, and spread vicious lies about Israel, which foment Jew Hatred.

The rally did take place and the bylaw against hanging banners from city bridges was breached, and messages were hostile to Israel. CAEF does not yet have further information on the outcome or potential follow-up to his antisemitic event.

In the heart of Toronto, people fly flags and messages of disunity, dishonesty, disinformation, and demonization of Israel.

The organizers were claiming victory for Jenin and honour to the martyrs. Israel eliminated 8 terrorists and found massive amounts of weaponry, bomb factories, stashes of guns and arms in a mosque, a terrorist command center, and more. There was no real victory for the terrorists and armed resistance is a call for terrorism, while "occupied Palestine" is a non-sequitur, there being no state of Palestine, and no occupation.

We must honour the IDF and mourn the loss of one young Israeli who was killed while being evacuated. Jenin is a hotbed of terrorism.


Watch Webinar: "Why is Contemporary Antisemitism So Sexy?" Part 2 of a Unique Psychological Analysis


The Palestinian Authority is Base Camp for Teaching Jew Hatred

On Sunday, June 25th, CAEF was proud to be a sponsor of the first Pulse of Israel conference, which was held in Jerusalem at the Begin Center and broadcast worldwide. Attendees were enlightened, enervated, and engrossed in issues presented by outstanding speakers such as Melanie Philips, Col. Richard Kemp, Caroline Glick, Itamar Marcus, and others. All of the program can be viewed here.

Summer Camp for Training Palestinian Arab Children to Kill Jews

As reported in the Times of Israel, on June 26, 2023, the annual “train the killers” program is underway in Gaza, operated by Islamic Jihad, (and the Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade or by Hamas). For several years actual events in Hamas operated kids’ camps have been recorded on video by the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research, by embedded Arab journalists. What is shocking is not that this takes place, as it has been oft reported, and videos confirm it, but that Western nations ignore it.

Canada and other governments fund the schools, provided by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) with approved Palestinian Authority texts and curriculum, which then rewards the “grads” who aspire to be terrorists. Kids as young as 13 have successfully committed terror attacks which are celebrated on the streets of Arab towns and villages while mass murderer-in-chief, Mahmoud Abbas, hands out candies and commends the attackers. Western press and the Canadian government say nothing about these terror-by-design attacks and the pay-for-slay rewards. In fact, often the messy mass media first blame Israel for seeking justice and going after the terrorists, and then in passing, maybe mention that Jews were attacked, injured, or killed.

Read an excerpt below from the story then look online for the full story with vivid photos of kids being trained to kill Jews.

“As they do every year, terror groups in the Gaza Strip are operating summer camps for the Palestinian enclave’s youth that includes military-style training in preparation to fight against Israel.

As part of Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s activities, young Palestinians parade and train with fake rifles and are instructed on jihad against the ‘Zionist enemy’.”


Leftist NGOs urge that Canada and other democracies push Israel to end its eradication of terrorism.

Under the mistaken and malevolent claim that the IDF are killing Palestinian children, invading mosques in Jenin, sabotaging peace and disrupting the lives of Arabs in Jenin, pro-Palestinian organizations spare no lies. However, are supporting the misguided, biased position expressed by Foreign Minister, Melanie Joly and her counterparts in Australia, UK and Canada. With so many facts at hand, showing the stacks of weaponry in a Jenin mosque, the factory for manufacturing bombs and the brutality of the terrorists who are armed, not young innocents, it is astonishing that blame can be placed on Israel for trying to protect its citizens—all citizens regardless of ethno-racial-religious background, and defend its legal rights.

An alliance of left leaning Jewish organizations in Canada has joined the fray, denying the obvious which is that it isn’t settlement building that contributes to terror, but an ideology embedded in the educational system of Arab children under the PA, and delivered by UNRWA, as well as weekly mosque based sermons and Palestinian Arab media, that repeatedly tell kids to kill Jews. As well the Palestinian Authority, no longer a legitimate government having overstayed its mandate by 15 years, is rewarding murder, celebrating the death of every Jew, and denying the future to young Arabs whom they prefer commit self-immolation by taking up weapons against the Jewish people, than making peace and living productive lives.

The Zionist Organization of America issued this statement on July 6, 2023

“Strengthening terrorists doesn’t stop terror. Israel and the rest of the world should have learned this basic truth by now. After the Oslo Accords disaster created the Palestinian Authority (PA) terrorist dictatorship regime and brought Arafat and thousands of his Palestinian terrorists into the heart of Judea and Samaria, the result was that Arab terrorists murdered or maimed 10,000 Jews in bombings, shootings, and knifings and terror wars.”

The current insane, dangerous, bad idea is that if we strengthen the PA, the PA will stop and disarm the terrorists in Jenin, Nablus and other terrorist strongholds who have murdered over 50 innocent Jewish civilians in the past year. In fact, the PA and terror operatives from its ruling party, Fatah, are active participants in and inciters of the terror emanating from Jenin and related hornets’ nests. As Palestinian Media Watch thoroughly documented from Palestinian Arab sources, 5 of the 12 terrorists killed in the recent operation in Jenin were affiliated with Fatah. Also, Fatah and PA officials (including PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh) endorsed, supported and praised the Jenin terrorists and called for holy war against Israel, and to “strike the Zionist enemy and its settlers wherever they are.”

Similarly, the Jenin Brigade terrorist cell eliminated by an Israeli air strike on June 21, 2023 consisted of two PIJ terrorists and a Fatah (Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade) terrorist.

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center likewise explained that the “Jenin Brigade” terrorist cells founded by Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ) include operatives from PIJ, Hamas and Fatah, and that the Jenin Brigade, which is responsible for much of the recent terror emanating from Jenin, is “uniting coordination among the prominent terrorist organizations and overcoming the schism within Palestinian society.” The Jenin Brigade model of coordinated Fatah-Hamas-PIJ cells has also been copied by the Nablus Battalion and similar groups in Tulkarm and Bethlehem.

Strengthening the PA will not cause the PA to stop or disarm terror brigades populated by operatives from the PA’s own ruling Fatah party, or to end terror attacks that PA officials incite and support.

Read the Algemeiner, June 14, 2023, how the UN blames Israel while Palestinian Arabs benefit from Israeli health care and other developments.

Read Times of Israel, June 26, 2023 about Gazan summer camp for training youth to fight Israel.


Something New, Important, Potentially Game Changing

The Elder of Zyion published this article on Arab Zionism which has the potential to change the environment in many ways in Israel and the Middle East. Maybe it is time for an Arab-Jewish Zionist movement, or political party.


What is the Biblical Reference to Palestine?

Rabbi Yishai Fleisher, spokesperson for the Jewish community of Hebron tweeted the following message, which might answer questions about reference in the Chumash to “Palestine”.


Fighting Antisemitism, Racism and Intolerance

CAEF has always been about fighting all forms of racism and discrimination, as well as antisemitism and its newest manifestation, AntiZionism. We urge Jews to be proud, to stand with Israel, and to unify over our common concerns, common history, and common destiny. We also recognize that forces in Canada are undermining our Canadian values and our pride in being Canadian. With the July 1st anniversary of Canada, a new and important book has been released. We share information about this book, because knowing the truth about Canada, being a proud citizen or resident of Canada, brings to the fore the values of Canadians which include equality, justice, tolerance, and the rule of law. Jews are often the victims of identity politics, of cancel culture, of woke antisemitism, of misinformation about our history and that of Israel. Knowing more about Canadian history is also valuable, as we need to deny the lies and distortions that are threatening the integrity and inclusiveness of Canada.

Thanks to Majorie Gann, a CAEF supporter, author, educator, and contributor to this new book who notes:

“Released by a The Aristotle Foundation, a new Canadian think tank, the book titled The 1867 Project: Why Canada Should be Cherished--Not Cancelled, is a collection of 20 essays celebrating our wonderful country. The editor is Mark Milke, who is the founder of the Aristotle Foundation.”

Marjorie is the “author of one of the chapters in the book, How teaching the full history of world slavery frees us from selective guilt, on the importance of teaching students that slavery was a universal practice throughout human history, while abolitionism was a movement unique to the Anglosphere. For those who live in Sackville, New Brunswick, the name of one of the other authors will be familiar-- Rima Azar, a professor of Health Psychology at Mount Allison University, who was cancelled a few years ago (but, happily, reinstated!) because, as an immigrant from Lebanon, she had the temerity to say that she had found Canada to be a welcoming, not a racist, country. Her essay is titled, I know what identity politics does to a nation: I'm from Lebanon.”

“Here's an interview with Rima Azar on identity politics, and here's one with one of the other authors, Greg Piasetzki, whose essay, Sir John A. MacDonald saved more indigenous lives than any other prime minister, is a well-researched and uplifting vindication of Canada's founder as a defender of the rights of indigenous Canadians.

The book has an equally well-researched piece on the unjustly maligned Egerton Ryerson, a remarkably enlightened educator, the architect of free public education in Canada, a warm friend of indigenous Canadians, and in no way responsible for the abuses that occurred at residential schools.”

Finally, here's a link to a review of the book by John Weissenberger in C2C Journal.

The 1867 Project: Why Canada Should be Cherished--Not Cancelled is available on Amazon and as an ebook as well. I think you'll find it an interesting read.


Advocacy and Action

CAEF Letter to Toronto Mayor-elect Olivia Chow, wishing her well and requesting her attention to the antisemitism of Al-Quds Day.

Letter from Richard Sherman to Setonian, the newspaper of Seton Hall University, NJ re Dareen Abukawaik’s confusion over “Palestine.” He points out, in response to an article about why Arab American youth care about race, that there is no country called Palestine nor has there ever been one in recorded history.

Read the original article by Abukawaik here and the Response from Sherman here.

Note an executive member of the PLO said the following in 1977:

"The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people, since Arab national interests demand that we posit the existence of a distinct 'Palestinian people' to oppose Zionism.”

Letter to NYTimes from Richard Sherman, July 3, 2023, regarding the claim that there are millions of Palestinian Arab refugees both within the disputed territories and in other countries.

Letter from Richard Sherman to the Jerusalem Post, July 5, 2023, regarding the BBC anchor’s bigoted lie that Israelis are happy to kill children, without proof, evidence, even examples. Many people were outraged about statements made by Gadgil, but the BBC is notorious for its anti-Israel bias.

Presentation by Andria Spindel to the Toronto District School Board re lottery vs merit assignment to specialized programs.


Truth can be Humorous


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