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History in Pictures. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words | CAEF Bulletin, October 3, 2023

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Jews are constantly being challenged by angry Palestinian Arab mobs for walking on the Temple Mount, former site of the Jewish Holy Temple, holiest site in Judaism. The original agreement with Jordan, which administers the site, was that all people would have freedom of religion at this site. That the Arab Wafq and Jordanian government constantly stir up conflict, spreading lies about an imminent act to destroy the mosque, is the reason Jews are not allowed to pray there today. Here is a better retort than banning Jews.


Jews are the Indigenous People of Israel. Arabs are 7th Century Invaders

Proof of this has been provided countless times, and is reinforced by the chart below that explains where Palestinian Arabs came from, based on analysis of their last names.


Canadian Museum Exhibits Antisemitic Narrative

Honest Reporting Canada disseminated this alarming news, yet another cultural event portrays a lie. Its fine to respect another person’s opinion, cultural relativism, differences in narratives, but surely not at the expense of intentional lies that create harm, promote Jew hatred. And, not at a publicly funded institution.

Read letter from Richard Sherman, a regular contributor to CAEF,addressing the harm caused by this exhibit.


Those Claiming Israel is an Apartheid State Ought Consider This


There are Few Arab Refugees from Israel, Far More Jews were Refugees

The sad sob-tale of hundreds of thousands of Arab refugees from the War of Independence of 1948-49, that mushroomed into 5,000,000 is just another antisemitic fabrication, maintained by the UN Relief and Works Agency. UNWRA has failed to fulfill any meaningful refugee settlement mission since its establishment.

Instead of assisting those Arabs who fled central Israel and either decamped to Judea and Samaria or to a neighboring Arab country, the sole goal of UNRWA has been to maintain Arabs in perpetual camps and perpetuate a lie of their right of return. No such right exists.

With tens of millions of post WWII refugees and subsequently multiple millions from other conflicts, the fact is the UN’s role is supposed to be resettlement. Over 880,000 Jews were evicted from Arab lands plus Iran and all were resettled, though their property was confiscated, their citizenship revoked after millennia, and their lives turned upside down. The majority of Mizrachi Jews settled in Israel, many went abroad, but NONE received compensation from any UN entity or foreign government.

UNRWA supports a lie, trains child killers, and rewards terrorists who kill Jews, any Jew of any age. Learn the Truth and Defend Jewish Rights.


Anti-Zionists are also Antisemites

It doesn’t require much historic or Biblical knowledge to know that there are 3 critical concepts that Jews embrace, without which there is no Judaism: Torah, God and Israel.

One can fabricate a lot of other ideas, and ignore these concepts. One can state that Judaism is about tikkun olam, social justice, or loving nature, but that isn’t what 3 thousand years of practice and thousands of commentaries teach about Judaism.

Learn from Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, a Reform rabbi who is heading a movement to ensure that reform rabbis understand the imperative of Zionism.

Read proceedings or watch speakers from the recent Recharging Reform Judaism Conference.


Anti-Zionist Leftist Organizations Do a Disservice to World Jewry

As the saying goes, “with friends like this, who needs enemies.” (Fun fact, this saying is attributed to Joey Adams, born Joseph Abramowitz; January 6, 1911 – December 2, 1999, was an American comedian, vaudevillian, radio host, nightclub performer and author.)

Consider the phenomenon of Jewish anti-Zionists, maybe better thought of as JINOs, Jews in-name-only. This includes those working with IfNotNow, Independent Jewish Voices, and more recently a few organizations working against Israel’s best interest by campaigning for the Canadian government to condemn Israel’s legitimate, democratically-elected government: JSpace, Canadian Friends of Peace Now, AMEINU, and the New Israel Fund of Canada.


Greatist Celebrity Antisemite Provides Living Proof of his Jew Hatred

Roger Waters cannot hide his Jew hatred, he spews it at the drop of a hat, a word, a symbol.

A new documentary titled, The Dark Side of Roger Waters, from Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) and BBC investigative journalist John Ware, exposes Roger Waters' casual and cruel antisemitism behind closed doors. Watch and share widely.


Heroes of Zionism

Melissa Lantsman, MP, Deputy Leader, Conservative Party of Canada, at recent Stronger Together to #EndJewHatred seminar, Sept 10, 2023.

This Arab (Loay Alshareef) speaking English, Arabic and Hebrew speaks the truth about Jewish indigeneity to the PA's Chief Antisemite, Mahmoud Abbas.


Advocacy and Action

Letter from Richard Sherman, Florida to Editor, Toronto Star and Rana Nazzal Hamadah, September 29, 2023 in response to article in the Toronto Star praising Palestinian Film Festival with biased anti-Israel tropes.

Richard Sherman Letter to Royal Ontario Museum Trustees

CAEF letter to Chancellor UC Santa Cruz and Public Affairs Office re hosting of the antisemitic Institute of the Critical Study of Zionism.


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