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Lay Leaders Lend Lessons to All | CAEF Bulletin, March 28, 2024



CAEF’s Hineni Project Promotes Social Work Course

Members of CAEF’s Hineni Project, led by Annette Poizner, have identified this important course for those experiencing or exploring treating people whose pain comes from experiences with antisemitism. The course is free to members of the Ontario Association of Social Work. Register now:  "Exploring Antisemitism and Therapeutic Alliance" Training-March 29, 2024, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm EDT, presented by Aliza Scharf-Bendov, LCSW-C.

NEFESH, The International Network of Orthodox Mental Health Professionals, is pleased to sponsor this online workshop. Offered at a price of $59.95 USD, free enrollment has been arranged for OASW members who use this promotion code: OSWFree

For more information, visit here

This program meets the requirements of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) and is approved for 3 CE credit. These CE credits may be applied toward AASECT certification and renewal of certification.

* * * * *

Jewish Social Workers and their allies are invited to join Hineni: Jews in Social Work on Facebook which provides support and undertakes advocacy relative to antisemitism, promoting more awareness in the field and working decidedly to counter antisemitism. Join over 300 social workers in the fight against antisemitism.

Any with questions or comments about this community and the projects currently underway can contact Annette Poizner, MSW, Ed.D., RSW, Director of Research at the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation at


CAEF Advocate Award of Excellence Presented to Barbara Kay, February 22, 2024

Watch the program and share in celebrating a Journalist Extraordinaire.


Canadian Women Against Antisemitism Launched with Thousands Present

On March 24th, during International Women’s Month, an event organized by an activist group of Jewish women, including CAEF President Anita Bromberg,  under the leadership of Esther Mordechai, held an amazing rally at Queen’s Park. The story published in the National Post captures it well, except the claim that “hundreds rally”  when notably it was more like 2000 rallied.


Yalla Thanks Toronto Police Service

On March 22, the leadership of Yalla, Avi Glina and Daniel Warner, co-hosted a warm and welcoming, “freilach” lunch at a notable Jewish deli, attended by 50 activists, honouring Toronto’s Chief of Police, Myron Demkiw, and members of his senior team. The police have been stationed in command units for months in Jewish neighborhoods, have surrounded Jewish rallies, investigated hundreds of threat, attacks and complaints brought by members of the community, arrested a few individuals for alleged cases of hate crimes or threats, and regularly consulted with all levels of government. Chief Demkiw spoke and while reassuring the Jews present that the police are alert to all concerns, seriously protecting our community, and heavily invested in security, he did point out that the rise in antisemitism is being taken very seriously and the data shows that hate crimes against Jews is at an all time high, out of proportion with the size of the population and significantly greater in number than against other minority groups.

CAEF thanks Toronto Police Service for their Support


CAEF Wished Persian Community Happy Norwuz

Members of the Jewish community, including CAEF President, Anita Bromberg, Board member, Michael Teper, Executive Director, Andria Spindel, attended a celebration of Iranian New Year at Queen’s Park (Ontario’s legislature) on March 25th.

Members of the Ontario Provincial Government welcome guests


Arts and Music for a Cause, 172 Days of Hamas Hell

On March 26th, a very successful art and music event was held, featuring donated art from over 20 local artists, music from The Violets, a local choir, and other singers and musicians, and a mind-bending performance by Haim Goldenberg. The evening drew over a hundred guests and speeches of support and encouragement, calling for the release of all hostages in Gaza, were offered by the Consul General of Israel in Toronto and Western Canada, Idit Shamir, MP Kevin Hvong, MP Marco Mendicino, and MPP Goldie Gemari. Credit to Avi Attali for his vision for the evening to draw attention to the horrible hellish situation of over134 hostages still being held in Gaza, and with the assistance of many activist volunteers, raising funds for the next marked day, April 7th, 6 months and 184 days since the kidnapping of Israelis and other foreign nationals. There are still Americans being held in Gaza. It has been reported that over 30 individuals have already died and their bodies must also be returned to Israel.

April 27 Haim Goldenbert & Amir Lustig from Israel will perform at the Prosserman theatre - 10% of every ticket sold using code APR7 will go toward our cause!!! 🌟so make sure to get your tickets now.

Use the code APR7.


Some People in Toronto Have Had Enough

This mission statement of Enoughto makes it clear that Torontonians have had enough intimidation, hate speech, attacks on religious and educational institutions, protests that support terrorism, threats against individuals, doxxing of professionals at their places of work, and campaigns that are divisive, racist and/or antisemitic.

The group launching Enoughto states: “Our mission is to get Torontonians to remember who we once were: a city revered around the world for its values of inclusivity, tolerance, civility, empathy for others and respect toward our neighbours. A safe haven for people of every race, religion, sexuality, gender and political stripe. A mosaic of cultures free from hate.”


Jews Learn History of Jewish Rights to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria

March 27th Adath Israel with co-sponsors, CAEF, The Israel Forever Foundation, Canadian Institute for Jewish Research and Mercantile Corporation, presented a fabulous program featuring Dr. Jacques Gauthier, leading international legal expert on Jewish rights to the land. His 1300 page, 10 pound dissertation that includes every document, every set of minutes, meeting of government leaders, conversations and minute shred of evidence as to the history that led up to the founding of Israel from late 19th and early 20th century is included.

Dr. Gauthier presented with clarity and passion, with commitment to truth and justice for the Jewish people. He pursued this truth for over 2 decades and has shared it with governments around the world, with scholars, faith leaders and  average citizens who are also committed to the truth. He urged that Jews take advantage of his work, take on the mantle of spreading the information and defending Israel with vigour. Now, in a time of rising antisemitism and disinformation, every act matters. He will soon have a summary of his work available which can easily be shared. Dr. Gauthier has now put his thesis on line with significant volume of references and this can be accessed here.


Recommended Reading

Jo Dee Gottlieb & Anne Steigerwald wrote an insightful editorial, published in the International Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, Vol.21, No. 1,2024. This article challenges perceptions that antisemitism is only on the right, noting it is on the far left, it is rampant on campuses and antisemitism is absent from Social Work education, despite the role of the Council on Social Work Education. Read here.

Leah Barkoukis, writing on March 21, 2024 in Townhall, reported that Alabama Governor Kay Ivey had signed into law, the banning of DEI, diversity, equity and inclusion from public schools, universities and other public institutions. This makes Alabama the 6th state to bar DEI. Read here.

Melissa Langsam Braunstein reported in JNS, March 21 that Ron Hassner, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, held a sleep-in at his office to call attention to antisemitism on his campus and vowed not to leave until the administration agreed this 3 key demands. He was promised they would and others are considering a national sleep in to bring attention to campus Jew hatred. Read here.

Toronto schools are being challenged by yet one more political Islamist DEI demand, as reported by Sue-Ann Levy for True North. CAEF will consider appropriate responses as this fuels antisemitism and spreads lies about what is really a serious issue at the TDSB and it isn’t anti-Palestinian Racism (APR). Read here.

Michael Geist calls on Leaders to do more to combat antisemitism. Read here.

Ari Blaff in the National Post, March 27, 2024 points out that young Canadians are Holocaust skeptic and more inclined to be anti-Israel. Read here.

Sue-Ann Levy, in True North recounts the experiences of Jewish women on campus. Read here.


Recommended Watching


Advocacy and Action

Letter from Richard Sherman to BC Minister of Education, Rachna Singh re union proposed introduction of biased content into public schools.

Sign this petition REJECT proposal to add Nakba and occupation of the West Bank and Gaza to the curriculum - Sign the Petition!

CAEF Letter to Ontario Crown Attorney re BC Liberties Association intervention in charges against “Indigo 11” who vandalized Jewish owned business.


Belated but Still Humorous Purim Story


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