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Letter from a reader; April Laufer wrote to the Globe and Mail re article about wearing a keffiyeh in provincial parliament

Dear Editor,

Sheema Khan's comment on " A keffiyeh ban" ( Globe and Mail Tuesday May 7,  A13) she clearly states that the point of wearing a keffiyeh is to show solidarity with Palestinians. 

Khan says that in not opposing the keffiyeh ban, Premier Ford is failing to stand firmly for basic human rights for all Ontarians" but members of our parliament are allowed to wear cultural symbols in the legislature. This includes turbans, Muslim headscarves, kippot.

Before the Israel-Hamas war no one was wearing a keffiyeh in Parliament. 

Now the claim that it is a Moslem and Arab and a Palestinian symbol is meant to legitimize the fact that certain members have chosen to wear it.

Doesn't this speak to the Speaker's point that wearing the keffiyeh today is a political statement?

April Laufer

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