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Neo-Nazis are Those Who Do What the Nazis Did | CAEF Bulletin November 12, 2021

It Begins with Words and Inverted Truth

It is unconscionable that the mainstream anti-hate and social justice organizations are focused only on the minority white supremacists and those who profess neo-Nazi ideas, racism and Jew hatred, but ignore the much larger leftist/Islamist alliance that is millions strong, well-funded, media supported and far more dangerous in their false and bigoted attacks on Israel, Zionism and the Jewish people. We are living through a time where truth is inverted, up is down and right is wrong. Yes, the extreme right is dangerous, and has killed innocent people but they are not operating in universities, controlling mainstream media nor influencing the public education system, the political system, nor the large NGO sector. This is being done by the much better funded organizations on the left who hate the Jewish state, condemn every aspect of Israeli society for things they fabricate while ignoring real injustice in every other country, and linking Jews to every evil of past and present.

This is what the Nazis did and it is being emulated today. It is part of the life-blood of the Palestinian Authority and of Hamas, and their terrorist support entities such as Fatah, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and all the affiliates of Islamism across the globe, most connected with or inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood. The Arab Islamists are the true inheritors of the Nazi propaganda machine but that is not said in polite company, is shunned by the woke as racist. Islam is not a race but an ideology, and we are free to disagree with or slam ideas and ideologies.

Avi Abelow says it well in this video entitled, The One and Only Way for Jews to Ensure it Never Happens Again.


Remembering, Retelling: Its Relevance for Today

The theme of this week’s webinar was “remembering” and honouring those who died fighting for this country, for democracy, freedom, justice for all. For Remembrance Day, for Holocaust Week, for the future of this country and for the future of Israel and the Jewish People, we remember.

Our guests were two outstanding Christian Zionists, Hugh Kitson and Malcolm Hedding, whose life work has been supporting Israel, defending Israel against Jew hatred coming from any and all sources, teaching Jewish history, and partnering with Jewish organizations. Watch these exceptional men, and the beautiful rendition of O’Canada and Hatikvah provided with love from Floralove Katz, an Ottawa resident and staunch Zionist.

To see the documentary Lest We Forget, produced by Hugh Kitson, click here.

Read more about the Importance of Remembering from My Jewish Learning.


Prager U Videos: Arabs Speak the Truth about Israel


UNRWA is a Terrorist Creating Machine—Canada Must Withdraw Funding

Once again CAEF is sharing information about the insidious lies and deceptions carried out by the UN Relief and Works Agency that masquerades as an aid agency, a refugee agency and an honest supporter of co-existence. It is none of these things, and this month Canada will attend the donor country meeting in Belgium to discuss that organization’s insatiable need for funds.

Since UNRWA’s schools and summer programs teach Arab children to hate Jews, to kill Jews, even children, babies, women and the elderly, it is inexcusable that Canadian tax payer funds provide support. It is unconscionable, and possibly illegal if not just immoral. The UN, despite being pretty useless and biased against Israel, does have a code of ethics that UNRWA is required to meet but doesn’t, and yet is funded by Western donors. The US has announced very recently that it will condition funding on meeting this code. But Canada? Our government has accepted the lies and distortions, the pretense and excuses given by the agency to our bureaucrats. Enough already!! This is endangering lives.

Read CAEF Letter to Minister Melanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs. Write your own letter demanding action to withhold funds and encourage the same from all donor countries that value democracy and really seek peace.

Watch the Bedein Blog to see what is being taught—You will Be Shocked.

In an article in JNS, November 10, 2021, it was stated that the UK had cut funding to UNRWA by 50% and it was assumed by the Commissioner for UNRWA that this was due to inappropriate curriculum content having been “mistakenly” inserted into texts during the pandemic. It is an absurd claim, one that is as absurd as the claim that there are millions or even hundreds of thousands of Arab Palestinian refugees. It is most likely that UNRWA continues to exist for two reasons: it is one of the largest employers in the PA and Hamas governed territories and it serves these dictatorial regimes well to be able to make the fake claim that all these people were displaced by Israel. Of course it isn’t true. What is true is that this large behemoth of a “refugee” agency has worked hard for 70+ years not to settle refugees. It is also true that the regimes themselves dictate the content of the curriculum.

Here is an excerpt from the article and the full article is here.

“In April, the European Parliament became the first legislative body in the world to adopt a resolution formally condemning and demanding the ‘immediate removal’ of content that “incites to hatred in violence in UNRWA’s curriculum.”


Books That are Must Reads—Reviewed and Recommended

CAEF welcomes reviews by interested readers who share their views on current books related to Jewish life, antisemitism, Israel and world events. Reviews are posted on our website. To submit a review contact

Well written reviews by Dr. Steven Stein might encourage readers to pick up one of two books with titles that sound like parodies, The Taming of the Jew or People Love Dead Jews. Both books provide an insight into how people view Jews, from two interesting perspectives, both by well-received authors whose experiences informed their writing and the truth telling behind these books. Read the reviews.


Truth BE Damned!

CAEF Letters to confront the truth are posted on our website


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