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Permanently Defund UNRWA and Other Messages | CAEF Bulletin, Feb. 08, 2024

Watch Messages from UN Watch

CAEF has been writing to the Federal government of Canada for 4 years about the terror training provided in UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency) schools to Palestinian Arab children, noting that summer camps teach actual invasion and killing tactics to young children.

Read about a 3,000-member UNRWA staff Telegram group which “cheered and celebrated Hamas’s October 7th massacre while at the same time asking when their UNRWA salaries will be paid.”

Watch Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch testifying to US Congress on UNRWA’s brutality, lies and fraud.

Write to the Canadian Government, cc the Opposition, demand that Canada not reinstate funding to UNRWA, that it permanently withhold funds, and that it convene and meeting of the Refugee Support Group, as per its mandate. Canada has not played a serious role in international affairs for some time, but now it can and must.

Write Hon. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Write Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Joly

Write Hon. Minister of International Development,  Ahmed Hussen

Cc Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Oppostion,

Hon. Michael Chong, Shadow Minister, Foreign Affairs,

Hon. Garnett Genuis, Shadow Minister, International Development,

Read Report from the Bedein Center on Near East Policy Research on School Texts and Teachings in UNRWA Schools.

Your Actions Matter. Tell the Canadian Government to Permanently Stop Funding Terrorism!

Defunding UNRWA means ceasing to support phony claims, phony refugees, rabid Jew haters, training of terrorists and the bank accounts of billionaire Hamas leaders.


Recommended Readings and Viewings about UNRWA

Since the revelation of UNRWA’s terror connections—that many staff members are part of Hamas, that an UNRWA teacher held hostages, and recognition that the curriculum and texts of UNRWA all teach Jew hatred and violence, the Canadian government has announced it is now suspending payments to UNRWA, this after announcing a large increase to UNRWA in December 2023. The recent statement does not mean much as a payment of $48 million was made just before the announcement; and the government simultaneously announced it would continue to provide, “humanitarian” aid to Gaza via other NGOs. Unfortunately, the other named NGOs are all UN agencies and the UN is not a friend of Israel.

Read article by Brian Lilley, in the Toronto Sun, January 24, 2024 calling out Prime Minister Trudeau’s funding of UNRWA and Hamas.

Watch Brooke Goldstein, Director of The Lawfare Project on Fox News discussing UNRWA.

Sign the petition to stop the appointment of former UNRWA head Pierre Krahenbuhls to head the International Red Cross



Rabbi Cary Kozberg provides review of Ethics of Our Fighters: A Jewish View of War and Morality by Rabbi Shlomo Brody (2024: Maggid)

“Rabbi Shlomo Brody gives us a comprehensive look at how questions relating to waging war and self-defense have been addressed by Jews who, by necessity have had to reacquaint themselves with the use of physical force.  The book’s title plays on that of the honored and beloved rabbinic treatise Ethics of our Fathers (“Pirke Avot”) and seems to hint that, given the threats to physical safety and wellbeing that modern Jews (both inside and outside Israel) now face, the time has come for Jews to confidently affirm that the use of physical force—as regrettable as it may be—has moral standing and is as legitimate a moral directive as the moral lessons of everyday living taught in Pirke Avot.”


Organizations of Feminists, Leftists, Queers, Progressives Hold Harmful Views About Israel

Phyllis Chesler, a founding feminist challenges the progressive rabbinical DEI supporting left.

Adam Milstein, Founder of Israel American Council, on Liberal Jews in Jerusalem Post.

David Horowitz of Front Page Magazine argues that American Jews enable antisemitism, noting its grown for years on campuses and was ignored or encouraged by leftist Jewish groups.

David Bernstein, Founder of the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values,  in the Jewish Journal, presents a strong case for not wasting efforts to modify DEI programs when DEI is inherently antisemitic.

Dave Gordon, in JNS, writes about the double standard in the treatment of anti-black racism and antisemitism as experienced by Jewish Black American/Israeli singer, Nissim Black.


Flash - Latest Local Terror Threat; Report published online at Focus on Western Islamism

Read excerpt:

“A television station established by a global coalition of terror activists is operating and fundraising in Canada, assisted by a global coalition of radical activists and violent extremists from designated terrorist organizations.

Established in the wake of the October 7th attacks, Free Palestine TV (FPTV) offers a steady diet of Hamas and Hezbollah propaganda. Its broadcasts are consistently extreme, and its social media channels comprise video clips of terrorist acts and propaganda messaging provided directly by terror groups, as well as posts glorifying the killing of Israelis.”

Read full Report on televised terrorist channel, founded by Laith Marouf, former recipient of federal funds who was found to be marketing Jew hatred, and hatred of all minorities, before he fled to Lebanon from where he is producing this latest incarnation of his hate.


Hineni Project Update

CAEF’s Research into antisemitism in social work education across Canada has been led by Annette Poizner for 3 years and resulted in a published journal article, news stories, letters to Deans and Social Work associations, feedback to educators, support groups for social workers, collaborations with other researchers and a recent story by Ari Blaff in the National Post. 

An article about the lack of attention to antisemitism in social work education, particularly in courses and workshops that deal with DEI, has also come into sharp focus. It is another case of #metoounlessyoureaJew, this time dealing with consideration of the needs of marginalized or victimized groups. Jews experience the highest rate of hate crimes and most often the most ignored, absent from all social work curricula. 

Read article by Naomi B. Farber and Maryah Stella Fram, two associate professors of social work, on how events of October 7th were ignored or supported within the academic social work community. The paper titled, The Danger of Ideology: Social Work, Israel, and Anti-Semitism, provides a fulsome and troublesome account of this phenomena.

To learn more about the Hineni Project click here.


CAEF Sends Mazel Tov to the Indigenous Coalition for Israel

On February 1st, a wonderful event was celebrated in Jerusalem, the opening of the Indigenous Embassy in Jerusalem. This event, held at the Friends of Zion Museum, brought together representatives from a large number of indigenous peoples from many lands who honoured Israel and recognized Jews as her indigenous Jewish. Representatives from tribal groups in Tonga, Hawaii, New Zealand, US, Canada, and others spoke passionately about what Israel means to them,  how Jewish connection to the land, culture, language, heritage are similar attributes of all indigenous peoples. 

The opening of this special and unique Embassy was the shared vision of Dr. Sheree Trotter, Co-Director of the Indigenous Coalition for Israel and Jerusalem's Deputy Mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum. with assistance from Dr. Michael David Evans, Founder of the Friends of Zion Museum. This is the 100th embassy opened in Israel.


Advocacy and Action

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has for some years seen rising incidents of antisemitism in the schools, elementary and high school. CAEF is pleased to have representation on a working group recently established by the Board to address this. However, stories continue to come to attention about the failure of the board to address this and to inform parents when there are issues.

Read Tyler Dawson’s article describing TDSB’s policy on hate crimes and antisemitic graffiti, published in the National Post, February 7, 2024.

Letter from Larry Shapiro, Calgary to Toronto Star re: article by Sheree Paradkar who has ignored Hamas's contributions to failing health care in Gaza

Read CAEF letter to BC Premier David Eby re: failure to defend Jewish Cabinet Minister Selina Robinson from antisemitic vitriol.

Read CAEF letter to Minister Stephen Lecce re antisemitism in schools and school boards in Ontario.

CAEF Offers Insight into Hinduphobia

As CAEF looks to expand our relations with allies, we have found a welcoming Hindu community. As Hindus in North America are unfortunately now experiencing a rise of ethno-religious hatred they are natural allies with Jews, and have expressed interest in working with us on Hindu-Jewish relations. To provide a background about Hinduphobia.



February 14, 1:00 pm EST, Anita Tucker, Looking Back, Moving Forward - Can Gush Katif Be Reclaimed? Register here.

February 25, 7:30 pm CST, Bassam Eid, Palestinian peace activist, political commentator, human rights expert,  in person at Winnipeg’s Berney Theatre. Register here.

March 7th, 2:00 pm EST,  webinar with Remy Ilona, lawyer, historian, cultural theorist, religious studies scholar, The Igbos (Jews of Africa): Antisemitism and Genocide, presented by Kulanu Canada, co-sponsored by CAEF (more info coming).

March 10, 8:00 pm EST, webinar, Are Schools Promoting Antisemitism, presented by Massachusettes Antisemitism Synagogue Task Force (MAST), co-sponsored by CAEF, click here for more info and to register.


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