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Seasonal Best Wishes to All CAEF Supporters | CAEF Bulletin December 20, 2021

To friends celebrating Christmas, our best wishes to you for a heartfelt, safe and memorable celebration.


As the year draws to a close, we thank all of our readers, webinar listeners, donors, volunteers, co-sponsors and Zionist friends!

Know that you are appreciated and that CAEF is working together with you to build ongoing pride and love for Israel and the Jewish people. We stand strong against Jew hatred.

If you haven’t donated yet, but are able to make a contribution

Donations from the US can be made through 501(c)(3) tax exempt partner, The Lawfare Project. Indicate Funds are for End Jew Hatred Canada.


Good News Stories


Congratulations to Miss India, Harnaaz Sandhu, who was crowned Miss Universe 2021, Congratulations to Miss Paraguay, first Runner Up, and Hurray and Congrats to Miss South Africa, who defied her government and went to Israel, and was crowned Second Runner Up.

Photo by Andy Swift / December 12 2021, in TVLine

Read about Ever Warmer Ukraine-Israel Relations

The headline story is that the Ukraine will open a branch of its embassy in Jerusalem, acknowledging Israel’s true and eternal capital and ignoring the deniers and haters.

And a Personal Gesture

Ukraine is seeking expertise from Israel, and in one small gesture CAEF was able to assist. Late one evening, the Executive Director received a request to find an Israeli expert to speak at an impending medical conference in Ukraine for which Israeli expertise was felt relevant. The topic--how to deal with COVID19 and other serious ailments in the midst of a war? This is a story that Israel knows only too well but now an ally is experiencing a similar stress and trauma as over a million Ukrainians have been displaced and many non-military men and women have taken up arms to defend their country from the Russians who sit on their border and who have been known to strike into Ukrainian territory. CAEF is not taking a position but was able to identify an expert for this conference. Our networks work.


Read about the History of Jews in Singapore

“Singapore’s Jewish community is the oldest continuing Jewish community in Southeast Asia, which has unfortunately witnessed the disappearance of various Jewish communities, leaving behind memories of what was,” stated Nash Benjamin, president of the Jewish Welfare Board of Singapore, in an article published December 17, 2021 in JNS.


An American Doctor shares Open Letter to AntiZionists

Dr. Pablo Nankin shared this with CAEF.

I hope that all of you enjoyed the Miss Universe pageant in Eilat, Israel.

The contestants were hosted to multiple tours of the varied regions, touristic and archeological sites, even areas that were there before any other religion, as well as visits with people in Druze villages, Muslim areas, Christian churches, Jewish holy sites, and so forth. I am sure that they will have a wonderful lasting impression and that they will be great ambassadors for Israel and pass on to others their wonderful memories. Perhaps those claiming that Israel is an apartheid country will now believe the reality of its non-existence.

If you paid attention, you could see both Hannukias and Christmas trees exhibited on Israel’s streets. As well, did you notice that all the road signs were in Hebrew, Arabic, and English? Did you notice the variety of people in the crowds of all religions cultures, races? What does that tell you?


8 Facts About the Kotel and Temple Mount from Israel Forever Foundation

Read this article by Forest Rain Marcia, then share these facts with others.


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