The Truth Must be Told - CAEF Bulletin Aug 28, 2020

Repeating Lies Does NOT Make them True!

Today the addage, that the more often a lie is repeated the more likely it will be believed, certainly seems to hold true when it comes to all the lies told about Israel, but who is telling the truth? We must encourage every Jew to know and speak the truth about Israel, debunk the myths and lies, and teach others.

The Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation has been pleased to introduce our supporters to outstanding speakers during this crazy time of the Coronavirus pandemic, and we will continue to use webinars as a means to educate about antisemitism and counter antiZionism. We are standing strong as Zionists, and we need your help to advance an agenda to see the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism in all areas of public life. We are identifying strategies to combat antisemitism and building alliances with others. We are thrilled to advise that our Web Talks are also reaching an international audience with viewers in the US, UK, and Israel. As well, several of our posted videos have been promoted by Combat Antisemitism, a US NGO that has wide circulation globally.

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There is Apartheid in the Middle East, Palestinian Apartheid!

This short documentary by Pierre Rehov illustrates that, while there is a form of discriminatory racism in the Middle East, it is directed against Jews by the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, and many Arab countries, contrary to what widespread opinion would like to impose.

“For nearly 20 years, Pierre Rehov and his teams have explored the Middle East with the aim of revealing facts from the field that most media refuse to broadcast. The result has been the regular production of factual documentaries (long or short) some of which have been hugely successful in most Western countries.”

This video from Pierre Rehov must be widely shared. It spells out clearly where apartheid really exists, not in Israel but in the PA controlled territories and in Gaza. Watch truth telling as uncovers the insipid lies of Israeli apartheid and records the evil intent of the founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, Omar Barghouti, who lives in Israel, benefiting from an education at Haifa Univesity and all the amenities of life in Israel. As well, the radical antisemitic BDS movement has been engulfed by the leftist/Islamist or red/green alliance world wide.

Truth Must be Told so share this video on all social media platforms, with friends and acquaintances who doubt Israel’s democracy, fair treatment of all citizens and residents, and Jewish rights to the land.

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CAEF is a proud partner with Adath Israel Synagogue for an inspiring program featuring Bari Weiss, journalist, author and former editor at the New York Times.

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