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Call to Action, to #EndJewHatred | CAEF Bulletin, Sep 10, 2023

#EndJewHatred to attend ‘Stronger Together’ event in Canada

A grassroots, ground breaking event will take place Sunday, September 10th, at the Beit Avraham Yoseph Toronto Synagogue with headline speaker, Brooke Goldstein, founder of the End Jew Hatred civil rights movement of the Jews.

CAEF is one of several organizations that partnered to organize this mobilization launch to address 4 areas of antisemitic activity; the public schools, universities, the public square and DEI education.

A recording of the presentations will be made available.

Read more in JNS, September 5, 2023


Islamic Events Feature Speakers with Histories of Anti-Israel an Antisemitic Comments

Several times in recent weeks, it has come to the attention of attentive organizations like Honest Reporting Canada and Israel Now, that events in Toronto feature very undesirable Islamist promoters who preach hatred and lies, call for terror, and promote Islamic Supremacy.

CAEF commends these organizations, encourages others to speak up, share the information, act now before these speakers and others like them are re-invited, their speeches broadcast and their hate fills the air.

Read Honest Reporting Canada on MAC Convention here.

Read notes from Israel Now below the next poster.

Antisemite Omar Suleiman Who Said, "The Zionists are the enemies of God", To Speak At Yaqeen Institute Canada Islamic Conference In Toronto Sat, Oct 7, 2023

Omar Suleiman has spread anti-Semitism, promoted incitement, tokenized anti-Israel Jews and demonized Israel. He is a supporter of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement.


CAEF Executive Director, Spoke on Israel and AntiZionism at Na’amat Club

Andria Spindel gave a one-hour PowerPoint presentation on Sept. 5th to a Toronto chapter of Na’amat, covering Jewish history, sources of antisemitism, Palestinian terrorism, and the current spread of Jew hatred. This presentation is available for groups. Thanks to Stand with Us for having created the initial ppt and to Brett Silberg, a volunteer who shared the material, and David Stambler who updated it. Contact for a presentation.


Weekly Terror Scheduled to Return

Tazpit Press Service reported on August 31st that Hamas intends to restart their border riots targeting Israel. The Great March that began in 2018, is organized violence against Israel, which is then condemned when it defends its citizens.

Wave of Terror-Palestinian Arab Antisemitism, The Government of Israel Posted on its Website

Stop pretending this is peaceful resistance. Stop pretending Palestinians want peace. Declare the PA a terrorist entity. Stop funding and supporting Jew Killers

Avi Abelow, Founder of the Pulse of Israel and 12Tribes Media, stated on August 31st, what many know well but the mainstream media ignores:

“The Palestinian Authority has been an enemy since day one, close to 30 years ago. Yet, too many of our Jewish and Israeli leaders, political, communal, and organizational, continue to ignore this basic fact.”

“The recent series of attacks against Israelis is the direct result of incitement by radical Islamist and terrorist elements, calling on Palestinian youth to murder Jews.”

Where is the cry from Canada and other democracies, denouncing the terrorists, and calling for the PA to reign it in? When will Canada and other Western countries cease funding UNRWA which trains Arab children to kill Jews?

Abbas Is Preparing a Major Diplomatic Assault on Israel

UN Officials will likely visit Ramallah in early Fall and along with major UN agencies and the International Criminal Court, will spread cooked up complaints and misdemeanors against Israel, all towards influencing world opinion against Israel. Facts are irrelevant to these Jew haters.


Recommended Reading

The Israel Guys Address the Media Lies and Well-funded Propaganda.

Thirty years of the Oslo Accords — no peace, no recognition.


The PA and Hamas Compete in a Popularity Contest to Kill Israelis

Palestinian Media Watch carefully documents the daily and weekly propaganda from all Palestinian Arab sources and has been conveying the depth of depravity of terrorists for years. Here is the latest cringe-worthy news.

“Because the PA’s indoctrination has been so successful, the Palestinian population overwhelmingly supports the killing of Israelis and therefore all Palestinian movements compete for popularity by trying to murder Israelis and boasting about their terror murders.

Fatah and Hamas compete daily for the hearts and minds of Palestinians. They compete not by taking steps to achieve peace and not by helping the Palestinian needy, but by bragging who killed the most Israelis. PMW exposed that Fatah claimed credit for 7,200 terror attacks during the first 10 months of 2022, while mocking Hamas for doing nothing. Because of this, the two organizations not only publicize their own terror attacks but take credit for the other’s terror attacks in which Israelis were killed.”

Cartoon by Yaakov Kirschenbaum

Who Benefits from Foreign Funding of UNRWA?

@AdamMilstein posted this: Meet Zahwa Arafat, a Palestinian "refugee" and the daughter of Yasser Arafat. Zahra is heir to Arafat's multi-million dollar fortune he received from "aid to Palestine." She also owns a street in London, lives in Paris, and speaks 4 languages but not Arabic. She is entitled to money from UNRWA.


Leftist Antisemitism Increasingly Comes to Light

The Anti-Defamation League published a lengthy report documenting leftist anti-Israel bias in Europe. Read the report here.


Advocacy and Action

CAEF Letter to Presidents of Carlton and Brock Universities about the antisemitic script published by two profs.

Larry Shapiro, Calgary writes to the Carlton School of Journalism regarding naming an award after a dead Palestinian Arab journalist, while ignoring hundreds of others killed in war zones.

CAEF Letter to Toronto Councillor Ausma Malik asking to declare her position re Al Quds Day rallies.

Open Letter from Charles Cooke, CAEF‘s Government Relations Representative to the President of JSpace, Jon Allen

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