Chag Urim Chanukah--CAEF Bulletin Dec 11, 2020

May Your Chanukah be bright, and Good News Light the World.

Stay well, stay strong, Be Happy!

Morocco and Israel to Establish Diplomatic Relations!!!

The latest good news “Chanukah” announcement from the American and Israeli administrations is the forthcoming signing of another treaty or Abraham Accord, this one with Morocco. This means normalizing relations, expanding trade and cultural exchanges, starting direct flights. Lighting candles this year really means bringing light into the world, and hope, security, expanded friendships. Yay! Celebrate!

A Tribute to Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Across the world people of all faiths and no faith, of many ethnicities, ages, and walks of life, remembered Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks who passed away on November 4th. The Jewish community of Toronto created a special tribute service to mark the end of Shloshim. It was a beautiful service; noting that Rabbi Sacks brought light into the world. Rabbi Sacks left us a wonderful legacy and we need honour him by considering his teaching, his dedication and compassion, stalwart love of Jews, Judaism and Israel.

Watch:Remembering the great Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, זצ״ל

Paradox of Paradoxes

A paradox or antimony is a logically self-contradictory statement or a statement that runs contrary to one's expectation. This would seem to be a frequent habit of the European Union, which is notorious for criticizing Israel about most actions it takes-whether to defend itself from random knife or gun attacks, to punishing Arab perpetrators of terrorist acts, to restraining people or organizations that are interfering with proper governance of a safe civil society such as NGOs that are set on the destruction of Israel. So, the EU can speak volumes against racism, antisemitism and anti-Muslim bigotry, but disappoints time and again because it allows, encourages and behaves like an antisemite when it comes to applying the 3D’s in relation to Israel—demonizing, double standards and deligitimization.

Members of the EU have funded illegal Arab settlements, even those in areas designated for Jewish settlement or in areas that include military training grounds. This has been well documented by organizations such as Regavim, which has pursued legal action to save and safeguard historic Biblical sites, prevent accidents on fields used by the military, and to protect Jewish communities from illegal encroachment by fake Arab communities.

With increasing antisemitism and acts of Jew hatred occurring throughout European countries, often not even acknowledged as such by these same countries, countries where such hatred thrived and spread and resulted in mass murders, it is a paradox that the EU now invites member states to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism. We welcome this initiative!

This excellent news was reported by Cnaan Liphshiz in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on December 3rd, 2020.

“The Council of the European Union, which is a key driver of EU policy, “invited” all the bloc’s 27 members to adopt a definition of anti-Semitism that includes anti-Israel vitriol.”

We can say "wonders never cease". Full story Here

Another view of the EU, from the European Coalition for Israel

Below is an excerpt from December’s Monthly Report from the EC4I which published a summary of its annual policy conference. Part I of the conference was held virtually on December 2nd , 2020. The report noted the changing view from the EU, which ignored the “Deal of the Century” proposed by the Trump administration but couldn’t completely ignore the Abraham Accords as a step towards greater peace and normalization of relations with Israel by Arab states.

“The EU’s financial contributions to the Palestinian Authority continue to be very generous, around half-a-billion euros per year, but the return on investment is minimal. Apart from their involvement with the Palestinian Authority, the EU has practically no presence in the region. In the webinar, both Israeli Ambassador to the EU, Aharon Leshno-Yaar, and MEP Lukas Mandl pointed out that the EU is nowhere to be seen in the region. This leaves the door open to other destabilizing forces. Leshno-Yaar called for a more active EU-role in the Middle East as the region is changing dramatically, whereas Lukas Mandl noted that more EU involvement in the region is not necessarily a good thing. “Where the EU has taken a common stand, it has often ended up on the wrong side of history”, he added. Mandl also mentioned the inability of the EU to recognize Hezbollah in its entirety as a terrorist organization and Leshno-Yaar expressed his concern over the close affiliation of the EU with the Iranian regime, despite the fact that the regime continues to suppress its own population, export terrorism to the region, and threaten Israel with annihilation.”

View Monthly Report here

Israel’s Treaties with the UAE and Bahrain: When the abnormal becomes the norm

By Doğan D. Akman*


I am no diplomat. I have no any idea of what was actually said, of the verbal assurances and undertakings given and promises made prior to the execution of the treaties among Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo, and the King and the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirate (UAE), nor with the former three King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Isma'il Alazhari of the Republic of Sudan signed only a preliminary agreement in light of the fierce protests against any signing by the largest political party. Therefore, the prospect of such an agreement becoming a treaty between Israel and Sudan is far from assured. In the meantime, the Sudanese refugee applicants in Israel say that Israel is making peace with a rotten regime and wonder why Israel would normalize ties with transitional leaders considered illegitimate by the pro-democracy Sudanese.