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Events and Information to Support Israel Now | CAEF Bulletin, Oct 24, 2023

Iranians and Jews Standing Together—Commemorate Cyrus the Great

October 29, 2023

It was Cyrus the Great who liberated the Jews from the tyranny of the Babylonian Empire, and helped reestablish the nation of Israel after the destruction of the first temple. This is the image of a free Iran that we want to build, Israelis and Iranians as allies, not enemies.

CAEF is proud to co-sponsor Cyrus the Great Day, an opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder for freedom and peace. Iranians who are standing with Israel invite Jews to honour Cyrus the Great's legacy, and stand in solidarity with the Iran Revolution against the regime and fighting Jew hatred. Together we demand that the federal government designate the entire IRGC as a foreign terrorist organization under the criminal code of Canada. Iran is the world’s largest sponsor of terror, funding and arming Hamas and Hezbollah.

Join CAEF and our Iranian friends, and various politicians on October 29th. We are Stronger Together against the forces of evil.


Letter to Presidents of Canadian Universities

Across Canada, CAEF research has unveiled antisemitism in Social Work education and Dr. Ayelet Kuper published her research on antisemitism in the U of T faculty of medicine. Universities have long tolerated antiZionist hate on campus, whether by allowing student groups to be accredited which promote lies about Israel, sponsor BDS motions, sponsor Anti-Israel Apartheid programs, publish despicable antisemitic articles in student papers or host terrorist-affiliated speakers at campus events. It is over-the-top antisemitism and more recently, with the onset of war by Hamas, the savage killing of innocents, universities have allowed anti-Israel protests and support for terrorist entities. As Hamas is the inheritor of the Nazi ideology, their 1988 charter stating their goal of eliminating the Jewish state and killing Jews, how is this tolerance of the intolerable acceptable in our society?

Read CAEF letter to every Canadian university president. We demand an end to the fallacious notion of equal treatment of terrorist messages and Israel support.


What is Antisemitism? When is AntiZionism Antisemitism?

CAEF invites everyone, particularly parents and students to attend this information session. You don’t have to be in Toronto to attend. Virtual option is available.


Be Informed, Speak Out, Challenge False Narratives and Lies

Share this video, A Palestinian Explains Hamas—Bassam Eid for Prager University


Taking Back The Narrative provides excellent and accurate information with which we should all be familiar. Thanks to Founder and CEO, Laureen Lipsky for sharing this information and for more, check out the website.


With massive misinformation flooding both the mainstream media and social media about Gaza, below are some facts to help educate. No one is talking about how Jews have a strong connection with Gaza. Click here for a history summary.


When it comes to Israel, one thing will always be constant and that is antisemitic lies. A Response to the top lies (thus far) of the post-massacre Gaza war (Operation Iron Swords), are followed by actual facts to help you respond to the lies. Click here to access the fact sheet.


Read IDF statement in the Jerusalem Post on how Islamic Jihad destroyed a hospital:


Advocacy and Action

Letter from Renanah Gemeiner to CBC, October 19, 2023

Any degree of moral equivalency with the group who massacred and aim to annihilate the Jews of Israel - is being done by presenting the accusation of Israel as an Occupier. But suppose Israel is not an Occupier. Suppose the Arabs who call themselves "The Palestinians" are largely descendants of recent illegal migrants who were allowed to invade Israel (then called Palestine which the was Roman name for the Jewish State - till the Arab migrants recently appropriated it) , commit terrorism and claim they had been there since "time immemorial." And suppose this massive illegal Arab invasion along with Arab terrorism and the lie of Arab land rights was used to block millions of Jews who could have otherwise escaped Nazi genocide despite sole sovereignty rights of the Jewish People to this tiny sliver of our 3000 year old Homeland having been enshrined under international law decades before the Holocaust, in the early 1920s. Why today do we remain silent about the lies which are used to justify the existence of Arab terror and support for increased illegal Arab occupation of our tiny land?

CAEF letter to CBC re journalistic and news bias.


Fighting Antisemitism, Rallying for Israel

Two folks at last week’s rally uniting students for Israel.

James Pasternak, Toronto City Councilor and Appointee on Combating Hatred, Racism and Antisemitism, and Dahlia Rusinek, volunteer.


Ottawa - Antisemitism: Face It, Fight It, Conference October 16-17, 2023

Two CAEF board members and Executive Director, Andria Spindel, attended this much-needed, much-publicized, and very well-attended conference, organized by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, JFC-UIA, and Canada’s Jewish Federations.

Over 800 people registered and benefited from an array of expert presentations, bringing to light the level of Jew hatred that exists in Canada, resources and strategies to identify it and deal with it, and priorities for government action. Among the many Jewish delegates were representatives from many other communities including Muslim, Hindu, Christian, and Sikh.

Presentations on security, online hate, using social media for good, and persuading decision-makers on Parliament Hill, were all top-of-the-line. Not a word was wasted over the two packed days and yet a lot of time was also allowed for networking which was very beneficial. CAEF will have opportunities to follow up with educators, allies, and politicians.

Most impactful were speeches by all 4 leaders of major Canadian political parties; Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Parti Quebecois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet.

We anticipate the host organization will release photos and recordings, so we are just sharing a few photos here. Noteworthy was the brilliant presentation made by Hon. Irwin Cotler, former Minister of Justice and AG, recently retired Special Envoy on Holocaust Remembrance and Combating Antisemitism, and Founder of the Raoul Wallenberg Center for Human Rights.

L: Meeting with MP Lisa Hepfner, Lib, Hamilton Mountain and two conference delegates, R: Andria Spindel with Cathay Wagantall, MP Yorkton-Melville
L: Meeting with MP Lisa Hepfner, Lib, Hamilton Mountain and two conference delegates, R: Andria Spindel with Cathay Wagantall, MP Yorkton-Melville


Evil Unchecked

The image below is mortifying. Israel Realtime is a WhatsApp group that posts throughout the day. Stay abreast of the war by joining.

Link to video on Hamas terror invasion plans:

Join Israel Realtime on WhatsApp:


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