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Is Diversity Our Strength? CAEF Bulletin July 26, 2021

Diversity Should Not be Divisive, Exclusive, Restrictive

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has often said, when speaking of Canada as a country with acceptance and reverence for peoples of all nationalities, ethnicities, races and religions that “diversity is our strength”. Today I think we need query this statement as it is also diversity that is leading to intra-community fighting; it is a lack of diversity of thought that is leading to excluding the voice of those in the center and right of the political spectrum, and it is also contributing to antisemitism.

Our mainstream media with some exceptions are oriented to the political left, our publicly funded broadcaster is not interested in diverse views and shames the right, having spent most of 4 years pitching a daily dose of anti-Trump mockery. Our diversity includes the rights of all people, no matter their identity but when it comes to standing up for the rights of all, we don’t see many politicians running to the defense of the Jewish community, as they do for other minorities experiencing hate crimes or threats.

Diversity need include respect for differences, inclusion of people regardless of differences, education to acknowledge and celebrate differences. So programs that only identify “categories” of people as having value are not a strength for our country but a distraction. Programs that emphasize one group over another are divisive and not worthy of Canada, yet that is what occurs when critical race theory is introduced, when identity politics influences policy and when intersectionality ranks human needs and rewards based on ranking oppressions, which in itself is a ludicrous concept.

This article from a right of center news source, Townhall, struck a chord with me and I urge readers to consider it. Who is shutting down diverse views? Who is shutting down not just pro-Israel views but truth about Jews, about Israel, about Zionism?

I was advised this week, that some people at my left-oriented synagogue wondered how I, an intelligent woman, had become “right wing?” Well that defies an answer because I haven’t changed my views on humanity, on religion, on Israel or on tolerance, civil rights, interfaith respect, freedom of religion, accessibility for all, or any number of policies and beliefs. BUT I don’t believe that antiZionism is anything but antisemitism, and I do believe that support for Israel is neither right nor left, but the RIGHT thing to believe and support! (Andria Spindel, editor)


A Look at the Model of Diversity—Israel

There is no more diverse parliament than the current one in Israel, which like that of Canada, has a party within it that doesn’t even support the country’s existence. The Bloc in Canada would prefer we disintegrate as a country, as would Ra’am in Israel. To what end, only God knows, as the citizens who support these parties would all be worse off if their respective countries disappeared, but somehow they believe otherwise. So, for starters, why is the wonderful world of progressive media, not celebrating the diversity of Israel, in government, in culture, in day to day living, where Arab and Jew, white and black, religious and secular, and people of all faiths, actually do work together?

Alan Dershowitz describes the situation well for Gatestone Institute.


Here is bad Israel--delivering care to diverse communities around the world.


The Tale of Two Cities

Toronto Mayor John Tory announced that a major street that runs east-west through the city will be renamed because its eponym* Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville, contributed to the pain brought upon Indigeous Canadians, and it is still felt to this day. So, why has it taken over 15 years and thousands of dollars, sweat of volunteers and the persistence of one resident, Randy Guzar, to yet receive another rejection by the Town of Puslinch to the call for a change to the name of Swastika Trail? Here is what was reported in the local paper: Puslinch Leadership says- “the Township considers all matters relating to the private road to be closed and that no outstanding issues exist.”

*person, place or thing that something else is named after

Here is a report on ongoing efforts. CAEF encourages all readers to send a letter to Mayor and Council and demand the removal of the name Swastika Trail.


Doctors Against Racism and Antisemitism Petition Against Doctors for Antisemitism

CAEF stands with DARA, Doctors Against Racism and Antisemitism, in their campaign to expose bias and intolerance in Canadian medical schools and teaching hospitals. DARA is to be lauded for challenging colleagues, professors and students who are flagrantly demonizing Israel, making false accusations, urging the end of research and educational exchanges and even, as in the case at University of Toronto, urging cancellation of fellowships for Israeli medical students. One has to wonder how many Arab Israelis would be denied a good education and opportunity to learn abroad because of the narrow minded, antisemitic attitudes of the ignorant and politically motivated, lying anti-Israel crowd that promotes hatred?




CAEF is in the News

Last week, we shared a letter sent to the University of Toronto in regards to the President of the University of Toronto Faculty Association abusing her office by expressing total disdain and lies about Israel, pressing her political agenda to discredit the country. We were pleased to be quoted in the National Post, Saturday July 17th, 2021.

Andria Spindel, Executive Director of CAEF, was part of the recent panel in the virtual national Townhall on Antisemitismm produced by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA). Viewed across the country, the Townhall was preparatory to the Emergency Summit on Antisemitism that was organized by Ms Bardish Chagger, Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth of Canada. Featuring Irwin Cotler, Special Envoy for Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting Antisemitism opened the program and Shimon Fogel, CEO of CIJA, closed it. The Townhall was recorded and can be viewed in full here.

Anita Bromberg, President of CAEF, participated in the Emergency Summit on Antisemitism, July 21st, hosted by Minister Chaggar, and placed this question: “Will the government take action againt antisemitism promoted by some radical Imams in mosques, and acknowledge that Islamism is a serious source of antisemitism in Canada?” She explained this is the “elephant in the room,” ignored by all politicians and not mentioned by any other participant. No response was received.


Muslim Views in the News

Why does it matter to the Jews in Canada, what Muslims are saying you might ask? Given this potent source of antisemitism, as well as that from both extreme right and left sources, we need understand how Islamist antisemitism molds itself into both right and left biases. It is imperative that we understand where the hate is coming from. Jews and allies often conveniently leave out Islam in their analysis for fear of being considered “Islamophobic” or racist. However a healthy dose of skepticism and criticism would go a long way to educating our community on where the battle lines need to be drawn, and to aid us we have Muslims themselves.

Recently quite a few Muslim journalists have spoken out. Here is an article from one. Tarek Fatah writes on July 14th, 2021 for the Middle East Forum, that the voices of ordinary Muslims, their views and political opinions are being cancelled out by extremists. Tarek, author of The Jew is Not My Enemy, and Robert J. and Abby B. Levine Fellow at the Middle East Forum, is a founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, and a columnist at the Toronto Sun.

Listen to other Muslims. Raheel Raza, founder and President of the Council for Muslims Against Antisemitism spoke at the End Jew Hatred Rally, July 25th at Nathan Phillips Square, 2:00pm.

Imam Mohamad Tawhidi will speak in a 2 hour webinar on July 29th at 2:00pm, providing an overview of Islamist Obstacles to Peace and take questions from the audience. Register here.



Pictures speak louder than words. Share these images, choose other brands. Write to Unilever that owns Ben and Jerry’s, boycott the boycotters!

Poster meme from Stand with Us.
Cartoon by Yaakov Kirschen

Know where the Hate comes from at Ben & Jerry’s. See video here.


Letters—CAEF Rejects Jew Hatred

Letter to CBC about false reporting on Green Party Antisemitism

Letter to Representative of the Office of Canada to the Palestinian Authority on accepting a map without Israel.

Letter to President of University of Victoria on their not taking action against an antisemite

CAEF Letter to the President of Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons





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