Mixed Messages - CAEF Bulletin June 18, 2021

Antisemitism in Canada?

Beach chair at Dominion Park, Toronto, June 17, 2021

A lengthy well researched article by Robert Sarner appeared on June 16th, in the Times of Israel. Here is an excerpt quoting Andria Spindel, Executive Director of CAEF.

“As the head of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation (CAEF), which fights antisemitism through education, interfaith relations, and advocacy, Andria Spindel closely follows developments on the ground.

“The data shows a significant increase in antisemitic acts including attacks, online hatred, distorted and lying media coverage about Israel and the Jewish people, vandalism and harassment, and school and university biases. This is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime in Canada,” says Spindel, who’s also the co-chair of the End Jew Hatred Canada movement.

Spindel attributes the spike to several factors.

“It’s most often associated with anti-Israelism, and is fueled by various forces — Islamism, Leftism, and supremacism on the right,” Spindel adds. “However, it’s taken a new shape using social media, street protests, and critical race theory, academia, progressivism.’ ”

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Read blog post by Vivienne Ziner, in the Times of Israel, June 3, 2021, describing attacks in Toronto.

If this is Apartheid, Bring it On!

Cartoon by Yaacov Kirschner

Is this the Coalition from Hell?

The New York Times is not known for being soft or sympathetic, nor even fair, honest or decent in its reporting on Israel, but Bret Stephens, one of the only Jewish contributors who has stuck with the editorially biased paper, continues to demonstrate integrity when reporting on Israel, as well as grace and balance. From the June 14th edition we have this Opinion piece, entitled: Israel’s Coalition of Patriotic Traitors

Israel’s new government must be a puzzle for anyone who thinks of the Jewish state as a racist, fascistic, apartheid enterprise.

Issawi Frej is Arab and Muslim and used to work for the Peace Now movement. Now he’s Israel’s minister for regional cooperation. Pnina Tamano-Shata is Black: The Mossad rescued her, along with thousands of other Ethiopian Jews, from hunger and persecution when she was a small child. She’s the minister for immigration and absorption. Nitzan Horowitz is the first openly gay man to lead an Israeli political party. He’s the health minister. At least one deputy minister, as yet unnamed, is expected to be a member of the Raam party, which is an outgrowth of the major Islamist political group in Israel.

As for Benjamin Netanyahu, “King Bibi” has finally left office — churlishly, bitterly, pompously — but in keeping with the normal democratic process. He faces criminal indictments in multiple cases. His immediate predecessor as prime minister, Ehud Olmert, spent 16 months in prison on corruption charges.

It’s some fascist state that subjects its leaders to the rule of law and the verdicts of a court. Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, “postponed” elections in April. He’s in the 17th year of his elected four-year term of office.

A new government, even one as fragile and fractious as Israel’s, is always an opportunity for a course correction. But the course correction Israel most needs is not the one its critics generally suppose.

Netanyahu lasted in office as long as he did not because Israelis wanted a strongman or someone who would crush the Palestinians. He lasted because he was, in many ways, good at the job.

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What Use is the UN?

The Nations of the world came together in 1945 to form a body that would establish codes of conduct for peace and good will among the nations, monitor conflict and send in peace keepers when conflict arose, identify issues facing poor or depressed areas and develop strategies of assistance, and one assumes, create an international forum for problem resolution. So, how well is it working today?

The UN General Assembly is dominated by Muslim countries and their allies who outnumber the Western democracies, yet funding is primarily coming from the more developed, hence Western, countries. The various bodies of the UN, with rare exception vilified and lie about Israel, pretty much at every meeting and pass arbitrary hate-filled resolutions against the only democratic and free society in the entire Middle East and North Africa—Israel. One of the major impetuses for this once esteemed body was what was revealed after the Holocaust and the overall theme of Never Again was to be the motto for not just the Jewish people, but for the world. So, how is that going now?

Watch this brief video on the hypocrisy of this expensive, multi-layered over-funded and bloated body which sucks the life out of every good cause by denying legitimacy to Israel and blaming Israel for every tragedy and all strife around the world. It is incomprehensible that anything gets done at the UN given its overall misguided and hateful focus on Israel while ignoring tragedy after tragedy, basic breaches of human rights by a majority of countries sitting on the Human Rights Council and many other bodies. It would be funny if it were not so obscenely wrong.

Readers Request

CAEF received a high volume of feedback after our Web Talk which featured Dr. Charles Jacobs on The Failure of Jewish Leadership, What’s to be done About it? View the shortened version of this recording, as posted by Americans for Peace and Tolerance. Forward, post, share.

Read blog by Vivienne Ziner in the Times of Israel, June 17, 2021 calling on Toronto’s Jewish leadership to act.