End Jew Hatred brought out Amazing Support for Israel

Pictures are worth a thousand words so here are photos from the May 13th rally Make Noise for Israel, organized by End Jew Hatred with support from CAEF. Estimates are that over 2000 people showed up at Earl Bales Park, having driven south from the Lebovic Center in Richmond Hill and North from Beth Tzedec Synagogue in Toronto. With signs, flags and honking horns, cars convoyed up Bathurst Street and were greeted all along the way by pedestrians with flags and noise makers on the sidewalks and intersections.

Order was maintained at the Park, security was provided by Toronto police who were respectful and helpful and we thank them for their service.

At the center of the gathering, Rabbi Moishe Meirovich recited a prayer for Israel and sang Hatikvah. James Pasternak, Toronto Councillor spoke of Toronto’s support for Israel. Andria Spindel thanked all the volunteers who organized the rally, the hundreds of attendees and called for everyone to chant End Jew Hatred! We must practice that chant, dedicate ourselves to that cause, collaborate across the political and denominational spectrum and educate our children and grandchildren—Jews will not be Silent!

End Jew Hatred Canada Rally: Make Noise for Israel

Letter from Israel

This is from a Canadian visiting her children and grandchildren.

I've been quiet, quiet from the shelter, because I cannot face the hatred, and the vile antisemitism that rears its ugly head every time there is a war.

Gaza, poor, poor Gaza, which claimed Israel kept the vaccine from their population, that Israel starved and killed children, that Israel is a colonizer, apartheid nation....said do not send in police to Jerusalem, do not try to maintain order, or we will bomb your cities. We will bomb the whole country. Bomb a country over a legal dispute about unpaid rent from property bought in 1875? What??

Also, we pay our bills to the Israel Electric Corporation every month. But in poor Gaza, they don't pay theirs. Israeli citizens subsidize their power. So they can make bombs, and tunnels, to terrorize Israeli citizens. Think about that for a second. We subsidize the terror they rain down upon us.

Poor Gaza. With no food, no fuel, no power, no vaccines.

Poor Gaza, except with enough money to buy and launch several thousand missiles with thousands more stockpiled for tomorrow, or the next day. (Each one is $45,000 USD so today's war cost....$31,500,000USD)

But poor Gaza, with no schools, and no new hospitals, but with resources to build advanced tunnels terror attack tunnel systems stretching miles deep into Israel. (Estimated cost: 150 million USD)

Poor Gaza, kept from developing, from air travel, from running their own country as they wish.

Well poor Gaza today sent over 700 missiles at Israeli civilians, burned thousands of acres of crops and food with terror balloons filled with explosives, and launched multiple cyber-attacks around the world. Oh, and targeted a civilian airport, which is now closed. Israel has one airport. We are now all stuck here together. Poor Gaza fired at an AIRPORT filled with civilian flights. On purpose.

Poor Gaza, which won't feed its children with the trucks of aid paid for and delivered by the State of Israel and her citizens, that arrive every freaking day, while claiming to the world she is starving. Instead, HAMAS leaders are billionaires and Biden just promised billions more.

Poor Gaza, where children are forced to martyr themselves for Hamas leadership who couldn't give a rat's ass if those same kids live or die.

Poor Gaza. Someone please help the damn Gazan people. We have tried for 40+ years, but their corrupt leaders, non-existent desire for peace and inability to gain control of their extremist elements leaves us here.

We have no war in our hearts. We want peace and security and quiet borders for everyone. We seek to destroy nothing, to kill no one. We don't want land, and in fact, keep giving it away in exchange for promised PEACE. What horrible conquering nation of colonizers does that?

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Letter from a Canadian Zionist to JSpace

The Impossible Argument of the Progressive Jewish Left

This was sent in response to a press release issued by JSpace on May 13, 2021 which you can see here.

JSpace is horrified.

I am also horrified at the escalating violence in Israel but I am also horrified at the contents of this press release.

Here is what we can agree on… there are too many people rioting in Israel-too many Israeli citizens, Jewish and Arab, are fighting each other. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which in the past has existed between Israel and Hamas and/or Fatah, is being acted out in Israel. With 20% of Israel being Arab, there is the potential for a great deal more dislocation if the violence spreads. How the Israelis handle this internal rioting will determine whether it spreads throughout Israel or not. And since both Jews and Arab Israeli citizens are behaving badly, they must all be treated equally under the law. As much as conflict with Hamas is problematic to a point, conflict within Israel is far more problematic. But let’s not jump to conclusions here either…. there are 1.6 million Arab citizens in Israel, and only a tiny portion of those are rioting. Similar for the Jews, where those rioting are an even tinier proportion. Saner, calmer heads must prevail.

Where I do not agree, and why I am horrified, is that this press release will provide some level of cover for those in the media or federal government who would like to see Canada maintain our typical position of sitting on the fence, blaming both sides, demanding de-escalation, requiring proportional response.

I also do not believe that the trigger for the hundreds of rockets raining down on Israeli civilians throughout much of Israel was either the presence of police on the Temple Mount (who were sent there to stop those who were “praying” from throwing large rocks down on the worshippers below.) or is it because of the possible eviction for non-payment of rent of 2-4 families (depending on who you talk to) in East Jerusalem. (JSpace suggests that the families are being evicted by right wing settlers… in fact, if they are evicted, it will be because the Supreme Court, a competent and quite progressive Court, determines that the rights of the Jewish owners of those properties is greater than any rights to those properties the Palestinian families may have acquired.) In any event, this dispute over these few houses has been going on for decades and to suggest that suddenly now, this should be a reason to support riots and rockets is inane.

These events are convenient excuses, but not the underlying reasons for what is taking place. What is really happening is that, with the repeated deferral of Palestinian elections by Abbas, an election he would have lost to Hamas, it was necessary for Hamas to act, to show both their power and their displeasure. At times like this, when Hamas loses an opportunity to increase its power and influence, it feels it must act to show the Arab street that it matters, and Fatah must respond to show that they have mettle as well. With the end of Ramadan, which is typically an unsettled time, and the celebration of Yom Yerushalyim, something had to give, to release the tensions, the anger, and the frustration of Hamas, and allow the power struggle between the two organizations, both of which call for the end of Israel, to duke it out on the ground as opposed to having elections.