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Stand Tall, Zionism Rocks! | CAEF Bulletin - June 20, 2022

Standing Proud for All of Us

Bari Weiss gives us words and images to express our pride in being a Jew and an unapologetic Zionist. I am sure she won't mind if we all use or adapt her words.


A Muslim Stands Proud and Prays with Jews


It’s Coming—Saudi Arabia-Israel Relations

It may seem unfathomable, but it seems also inevitable, that Saudi Arabia will join the Abraham Accords, possibly this year. There have been secret meetings and negotiations with Israel for several years and given the urgency that country feels, in defending itself against Iran, Israel seems like the best prospect for Saudi Arabia's security and continued peace.

Read articles here, here and here that outline the prospect for such a partnership.


India and Israel Celebrate Their Founding History and Similar Interests

Both Israel and India are celebrating anniversaries this year; 1947 is the founding year for India and the UN’s decision to support a Jewish state in what became the reconstituted Jewish homeland in Israel. Both countries fought wars of independence against the British, experienced partition, and internal civil strife. In 1947 India was partitioned, creating East and West Pakistan with majority Muslims, and India with majority Hindus and a population transfer with over 14 million displaced and estimates of death range from 200,000 to 2,000,000. Somehow, no one questions the legality of India, nor the legitimacy of a fence, known as the “Line of Control”, between these countries (I and P), which is 1500 km long and necessitated due to ongoing internecine conflicts.

The good news is that relations are deepening between India and Israel, and though hugely unlikely at this time in history, there are rumors that Pakistan is considering recognizing Israel. Just rumors and of course, there is huge opposition to the very idea within Pakistan itself.

Read how India and Israel are strengthening ties, then read about how a lone Jew from Karachi visited Israel, and how an American Pakistani group recently made history on visiting Israel.


Canadian Muslim Calls on Muslims to Stand up to Islamists

Toronto Sun journalist and author of The Jew is Not My Enemy, Tarek Fatah, wrote an article on June 6th, 2022, that was republished in the Middle East Forum. His intent is for Canadian Muslims to read this and wake up, stand up and denounce the extremists, show empathy for other communities such as the Christians being slaughtered by Islamists in numerous countries, denounce Islamic supremacy, and support this country’s democracy. It is the values of freedom, equality, democracy, and the rule of law that brought so many immigrants to Canada, so now, Fatah asks other Muslims to defend these values.

Most importantly, he challenges the claim that Islamophobia is a problem by pointing out that non Muslims have reason to fear Islam, even if only a small percentage are responsible for terrorism, mass killings, anti-social behavior against non Muslims, threats and denunciations against other faiths. Therefore, the moderates must make themselves heard but not a single mosque in Canada has expressed grief over the recent massacre in a Catholic church in Nigeria.

Note, though not the subject of Fatah’s article, the silence of Black Lives Matter is deafening when it comes to Black on Black murder or the Islamist terrorism against non Muslims.


How Chess is Becoming a Tool in the Kit for International Peace

Here are the notes sent to CAEF by Lior Aizenberg, the creator/innovator who introduced online chess to players around the world, enabling Jews and Muslims to play chess together.

Lior stated, “Our community of more than 9000 players in the online chess platform that became like a social media. We are also part of CAM (Combating Antisemitism Movement) coalition and I was a Nominee for the Bronfman prize last year.”

“My story is here. Some pics of Chess4Solidarity Initiative are here and this is what we do.

“We have received blessings from everywhere and even international recognition from UNESCO, even though we are from Israel and Israel is not a state member. I also run a Stop Hamas page which is getting active when there is escalation.”

“Our next event will be 4 Solidarity with Ukraine.”

Kindly yours

Lior Aizenberg CEO of Chess4All and Chess4Solidarity initiative


Fastest ever Trade Deal Signed by Israel and the UAE

It was fast, thorough, friendly and wholly desirable on the part of both parties.


Spoken Truth

Col. Richard Kemp said the following:

“The evidence !! For 75 years the Palestinians have rejected every offer made to them. Why? Because to do so is to accept Israel on the other side of any border. They won’t ever do it

They are more interested in destroying Israel than in building their own country. That is the crux of the conflict. And it is no answer for progressives to put their heads in the sand and deny it. But that they do, in their fanciful thinking.”


Another Tech Breakthrough for Israel


Two Countries Opening Embassies in Jerusalem

photo from Western Wall Heritage Foundation (Facebook page)

L to R: Itai Bar Dov,Israeli Ambassador to Suriname non-resident; Rabbi Shmuel Rabiovitz, Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Holy Places; Mr. Albert Ramdin, Suriname's Foreign Affairs Minister; Stevanus Noordzee, Suriname's Ambassador to Israel; Joseph Haim Harrosh, Suriname's Honorary Consul in Israel

Though very small, Suriname has the oldest history of Jewish settlement in the Western hemisphere, having celebrated already more than 375 years since Jews first arrived. Now that country is opening its embassy in Jerusalem. See photo of Surinamese Ambassador to Israel in the Neve Shalom synagogue.

He and the Israeli Ambassador (non resident) to Suriname accompanied the Minister in his visit and here they are at the Kotel in Jerusalem

It's expected that the next country to do so, will be small Liberia, an African country with long established ties with Israel.


Hate by Any Other Name would still be Hate

Antisemitism is a word coined by a German Jew hater, so some have suggested the word to replace it might be Judeophobia. If you don’t think “phobia” implies quite the right thing consider the suggestion by Alan Dershowitz in his book, Chutzpah. He suggested calling Jew hatred, “Judeopathy.”

As he says on page 121, “…the label ‘anti-Semite,’ invented by anti-Semites as a proud epithet, is an inherently neutral term. It simply means those who are against Jews. It does not necessarily connote the sickness and evil inherent in such bigotry. The term ‘Judeopath’ would seem far more fitting. It suggests a pathological hatred of Jews and clearly puts the onus on those who hate rather than on those who are hated.”

CAEF will continue to call it Jew hatred and we urge everyone to do so. Antisemitism has become a dressed up or polite word, with little to no impact.


Antisemitism And Jew-Hatred Are Racism As The Left Defines It

An Ethiopian Israeli Solider

What is race? Are we not one human race? Do we not all have red blood? Brains, bones, veins, and internal organs in the same location in our bodies? The vary word "race" has been weaponized and the claim one is a "racist" is to demonize and even destroy one's career, family, relations, and opportunities. What is the current intense focus on race about? Where do Jews fit in?

Read the article published in The American Thinker.


Pictures Say IT All

Cartoon by Yaakov Kirschen

"West Bank" is NOT the Name of Any Place, But a Disruption in History


Recommended Books to Read

CAEF publishes short reviews from people who recommend relevant books for our supporters. Consider submitting a review, but be sure you have actually read the book. Send to

A Book to Consider that provides insights into the Arab-Israel conflict from a psychological perspective.

The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People Under Siege (This next book was not submitted by a CAEF reader, but is included with excerpts to offer a new perspective on viewing this, seemingly eternal, conflict.)

This is a 2005 book by Kenneth Levin, a psychiatrist with a doctorate in history. The book applies psychiatric insights to the Arab-Israel conflict by arguing that Israel's reaction to Arab hostility is a corollary of the Stockholm syndrome in which hostages come to identify and empathize with their captors.”

“According to Professor Ron Shleifer of Ariel University, Levin, a psychiatrist, compares the acceptance of the Oslo Accords by the Israeli public to Battered child syndrome, in which the victims "blame themselves and are convinced that if they would only behave better, their parents would cease to beat them, without knowing that they will continue to be beaten anyway because it is their parents who have a problem and not they."

Jerold Auerbach history professor from Wellesley College describe the book as "comprehensive historical description and compelling psychological interpretation of the “delusions of a people under siege""

Iddo Netanyahy described The Oslo Syndrome "attempts to show how a whole country can suffer from wishful thinking. A great majority [of Israelis] thought the accords we signed with [Palestine Liberation Organization leader Yasser] Arafat and his people would bring peace. All it brought was more bloodshed."

Excerpt from the book:

"This phenomenon reveals great similarity, at the level of human psychology, to the response of children subjected to chronic abuse. Such children tend to blame themselves for their suffering."

Thus, he continues, "those segments of the Jewish community who live and work in environments hostile to Israel, commonly embrace the anti-Israel bias around them. And they often insist they are being virtuous by doing so." This pathology is "no less delusional than that of abused children who blame themselves for the abuse they experience." But, he concludes, the result is awful:

"All too often such children doom themselves psychologically to lives of self-abnegation and misery. In the case of Jews indicting Israel for the hatred directed against it, the misery they cultivate goes far beyond themselves, and ultimately undermines Israel's very survival."




It is Imperative to Report Antisemitism and Seek Redress—Results Do Happen

The Canadian Jewish News (CJN) reported on an issue raised by CAEF Board Member, Michael Teper, with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) regarding antisemitic postings by a teacher. OCT acted on the information. Below is the story as reported in the CJN Daily, a podcast by Ellin Bessner, and the excerpt on this story.

You can write to encourage the OCT to adopt a Professional Advisory on Antisemitism, requiring all certified teachers to identify and counter antisemitism, just as it has adopted a policy on anti-Black racism.

“A public school teacher in Ontario whose social media posts have drawn the ire of the Jewish community for rabid antisemitism has had his teaching license suspended pending an investigation by the Ontario college of teachers.

Taher Berenjian lives in Richmond Hill Ontario and his LinkedIn profile says he worked for the Toronto District School Board for 8 years and also for York Region (District School) Board..and now offers tutoring and interpretation services.

He calls for a new holocaust, he posts things about Jews being pedophiles, that they’re to blame for COVID. He calls for making Judaism a crime, protecting children against Judaism, and other really unhinged ramblings.

A Toronto man, Michael Teper, sent a complaint to the registrar of the Ontario College of Teachers back in April…about what Teper felt was Berenjian’s professional misconduct.

The College issued the suspension two weeks ago and posted it on their website. The teacher was educated in the Netherlands and at Western University. The Toronto school board says he is not working for them now."


An Event of Interest to CAEF Supporters


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