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Zionist Allies add Strength to Combating Antisemitism | CAEF Bulletin, Aug 14, 2023

Palestinian Arab Intransigence and Antisemitism

The above is the over-arching theme of current CAEF Web Talk Series and the first presenter, Luke Hilton, Director of The Israel Guys and Director of Marketing for HaYovel, shared personal history and values of his organization that brings Christian Zionists to Israel, to aid in understanding that Bible Believing Christians are sincere friends of Israel and the Jewish people.

Watch CAEF, IJEJ Canada, and The Israel Guys present, "Why Support for Israel's Heartland is Key to Peace in the Middle East”


Natalie Sopinsky Invites you to Meet her, on August 17th, at 7:30 PM at Beth Torah Synagogue or Via Zoom. Her Talk is Titled: How Arab Orchestrated Antisemitism Affects Life in Judea and Samaria.


Truth be told, there is no Israeli occupation of land that was illegally occupied by Jordan from 1949-67, after an offensive war against the reconstituted legal state of Israel. Intent on eradicating Israel, 6 Arab armies invaded; lost but several stayed belligerent and continue to press for Israel’s destruction. They won’t succeed but they remain obsessed, and oppress their own citizens to maintain a war against Israel. Jordan and Egypt signed peace treaties, and today the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, Sudan have signed the Abraham Accords. Other Muslim countries also recognize the Jewish state of Israel. Maybe someday the Palestinian Arabs will be Free of their Islamist anti-democratic rulers and also seek the benefits of an agreement with Israel.


Kudos to the Elder of Ziyon, with Messages for Israel Haters

Post or share these messages that well describe the appropriate messages for Anti-Zionists.

The “Palestinian Cause” is NOT about creating a Palestinian Arab State

Robert Spencer, writing for FrontPage Magazine on August 7, 2023 (covered on World Israel News) quoted Sami al-Arian, former professor in US universities, who supported jihad against Israel for years, noted that while speaking on Al Jazeera on July 30th, al-Arian said:

“In my view, the Palestinian cause is not about creating a state, like everybody says. It is not about a one-state solution or a two-state solution. The Palestinian cause has to do with the very presence of Zionism in the region. Therefore, our greatest strategic goal, in the meantime, we can take steps, but the greatest strategic goal is to dismantle the State of Israel, which means uprooting Zionism from Palestine.”

Note al-Arian’s Islamist-terrorist credentials here.


There is No Iron Dome to Protect Jews from Jew Hatred

The above title comes from a statement by Dr. Phyllis Chesler, noted feminist, author, academic, and proud Zionist. She makes the following statements in a wonderful extraordinary article that describes the current state of antisemitism globally:

“I cannot keep quiet about the extraordinary rise—a tsunami, really—in Jew-hatred and the demonization of Israel.

I was called to fight in a cognitive war, and I must tell you that we’ve lost that battle, or at least we’ve lost this round, partly because Jews, including Israeli Jews, failed to understand how important this war really is, and partly because the forces of hatred were even greater than we could imagine.”

This article is a must read, to understand the extent of antisemitism and how it has morphed and continues to spread across many facets of society.


Warnings of Radical Arab Extremism Must Not be Ignored

Watch former UAE Foreign Minister warns of radical extremism in Europe, 2017.

Watch Caroline Glick, speaking on August 2, 2023 for EMET (Endowment for Middle East Truth)


Warnings of Undermining Zionism in Israel Today

Brig. Gen. Amir Avivi, Founder of the Israel Defense and Security Forum, has issued a statement calling for calm, clarity and commitment to democracy in Israel as protests belie the fact that Israel is a democracy, spreading untruths:

“Public discourse and debate are the cornerstones of democracy. But Zionism on condition, and army service with stipulations is not the Israel that I know.”


Mordechai Kedar: What Will Israel's Next War Look Like?


Israel isn't suffering a constitutional crisis, but an identity crisis - opinion


Why does the Israeli Left Distrust Democracy?

Here is another example of leftist distractions from the real need for democratic reform of the Israeli judicial system. This is a cultural war, this is anti-Zionist, and now some in the diaspora Jewish world are shaming democracy, spreading lies, and “undermining the case for Israel”. They are not strengthening Israel but potentially influencing it’s enemies by urging diminished support from the Canadian, US and other Western democracies for our strongest Middle East ally, Israel.

Read Ron Kampeas in JTS, August 9, 2023.

Ehud Barak’s Agenda

David M. Weinberg published in the Jerusalem Post on July 27, 2023, a scathing indictment of one of the most prominent leaders of the Israeli protests.


Advocacy and Action

CAEF report on lack of antisemitism in DEI program at universities, reported in the Jerusalem Post, August 8, 2023

Letter from Richard Sherman to the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) following the announcement that the government of Australia will no longer recognize the UN Charter’s Article 80 and earlier decisions of prior governments that Judea, Samaria, and all of Jerusalem are part of Israel.

Letter to the Michigan Daily, from Richard Sherman: The Foundational Antisemitism of Intersectionality.

Letter from Larry Shapiro to the Editor, Jerusalem Post: Palestinian Arab antisemitism and Palestinian Arab responsibility for the death of Palestinian Arabs.


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