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Israel, the Good Neighbour, Speaker Shut out at MTU, Speaks at CAEF Event | CAEF Bulletin Mar 31,'23

One Event Canceled, Another Shines—What Happened?

On March 24th, the group Students Supporting Israel (SSI) at Metropolitan Toronto University (formerly Ryerson University) found themselves in a terrible predicament. Having not only booked a speaker, but having funded Lt. Col. (ret.) Eyal Dror's travel to Toronto for a noon hour public speaking event scheduled for March 27th, was told to cancel or postpone it. As CAEF had booked Dror for a speaking event on the evening of March 27th, and being a partner with SSI in promoting both events, every possible option was offered and tested. The local SSI chapter president, Shira Mammon, shared her frustration and details of this episode, which culminated on Monday with her taking students to meet Eyal Dror at his downtown hotel.

Why did this happen? Why was a Jewish student group advised to cancel or postpone the event or move off the campus?

CAEF and CILR present "Israel: The Good Neighbour, Not an Apartheid State"


Stronger Together Fighting to End Jew Hatred

This Sunday, April 2nd, watch online or in person, David Bernstein on Woke Antisemitism, How a Progressive Ideology Harms Jews. Click here for more information.

Watch David Bernstein promote the even on Twitter. Please note that the event is on April 2nd (not April 4th) as accidentally stated by David.


Alternate Perspective on the proposed Israeli Judicial Reforms, part of the Coalition’s Election Platform

CAEF welcomes the reprieve from protests in Israel and the government’s commitment to find an acceptable compromise in bringing forward what they have deemed as necessary changes to the operation of the Israeli judicial system. Formerly, the opposition leader, Yair Lapid, had also stated his desire for reforms so we hope for and expect a compromise resolution.

The Jewish people must remain united, especially in combatting anti-Zionism, the antisemitism of this era. The internal discord can be seen to fuel external antipathy and hatred towards Israel, especially when extremists claim the reforms threaten democracy. Clearly, some changes are necessary, but the reforms have been sought to enhance democracy and bring Israel more in line with judicial processes in most western countries.

Much has been proffered on the Left to explain the crux of the protests, but as with all conflicts, there are two sides, and a need for greater understanding of each side’s perspective. Here are a list of resources from one of our respected program partners.

This listing includes videos with explanation of the reforms, papers, and commentaries by academics such as Eugene Kontorovich, professor at George Mason University Law School and scholar at the Kohelet Policy Forum, Avi Bell,Professor of Law, David Friedman, former U.S. ambassador to Israel, a WSJ Editorial, and more.

CAEF urges that Jews in the diaspora not lobby the Canadian government to intervene in domestic affairs of Israel. Only citizens of Israel can vote so those who feel strongly are encouraged to make Aliyah. Those concerned about antisemitism, should write the Canadian government demanding it cease funding UNRWA which educates children to commit terrorism against Israelis.


Advocacy and Action

Letter from Ms. Ruth Abrams, active advocate for Israel and supporter of CAEF, to Hon. Pierre Poilièvre, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, re Canadian government funding of UNRWA, and his response. Read here.

Letter from Ms. Ruth Abrams to the Minister of Foreign Affairs re Canada's funding of UNRWA which teaches terrorism. Read here.

Letter from Fern Quint, CAEF board member, to journalist, Martin Regg Cohn of the Globe and Mail. Read here.

CAEF Letter to The Toronto Star - Re: column by Martin Regg Cohn. Read here.

Letter from Minister Hussen in response to CAEF complaint re Funding of Antisemite Laith Marouf. Read here.

Letter from Michael Teper to Marit Stiles, re antisemitic & communist history of candidate, now elected MPP, Sarah Jama. Read here.

CAEF Letter to Marit Stiles, Leader of Ontario NDP, re expression of antisemitism by an MPP. Read here.


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