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Apartheid? Ethnic cleansing? Genocide? Yes, Under Islamists | CAEF Bulletin May 16, 2022

Where is the Apartheid?

“Apartheid is the state of being forcefully apart.

Under an apartheid regime, a disfavoured group suffers under the yoke of policies and rules that keep it segregated from, and under the heel of, the favoured group.”

This well describes how the ruling terrorist group Hamas and the undemocratic Palestinian Authority, rule over their constituents; no Jews allowed! It is total and absolute segregation. How has this been missed by the press for decades? 21% of Israelis are Arabs while 0% of Jordan, Lebanon, Gaza, Disputed Territories under the PA, Syria, Egypt, and many other Muslim countries are Jewish and now most Christians are gone too. These countries had large Jewish populations, and all were forcibly driven out, citizenship revoked, property confiscated, and no remuneration offered, no UN agency established, no donor country funds provided, and no media interested.

Read the story on Newsweek, April 18, 2022 by Brooke Goldstein about fake apartheid claims by fake social justice organizations.

Brooke Goldstein is a New York City-based human rights attorney, author and award-winning filmmaker. She serves as executive director of The Lawfare Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about and facilitating a response to the abuse of Western legal systems and human rights law.

Palestinian Apartheid Week on Campuses in Canada?

Isn’t it time to correct the fallacious claims by our enemies? Ilan Sinelnikov provided a strategy for challenging the lies-presenting truth. Will Canadian students act and initiate the obvious, Palestinian Apartheid Week? Community organizations like CAEF, Stand with Us, Hasbara Fellowships and others could help with planning and resources, and ensure the students were not isolated or alone. The university student government and administration would have to allow it as they allow the hateful, distorted, Israel Apartheid Week programs and have done so for over 17 years now, since this hate fest was originated at U of T. Why wait?

Read about this approach in JNS.

Watch the CAEF webinar with Founder of Students Supporting Israel and let us know your opinion at


Some Important Messages to Share, Post, Print, Publicize


The Temple Mount Tumult

It is well documented but poorly reported in the mass media that the entire terror driven rioting in and around the Temple Mount during Ramadan, which this year coincided with Passover, was driven by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. Messages were interpreted and shared by Arab language-interpreting entities like Palestinian Media Watch, the Bedein Center for Near East Policy Research, and others. Every day, the calls came for Arabs to desecrate their own mosque, to attack Jews, to lie to the media and to drum up more hatred towards Israel and Israelis.

See here, here and here.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett actually challenged noted CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israel’s handling of the clashes on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City, when in an interview that was broadcast, he said : “There you go again starting the story in the middle,” as she asked loaded questions about why the IDF went to the Temple Mount to arouse Arab anger.

Bennett noted police entered the mosque after (ed. emphasis) rocks were hurled from it toward officers. He said, “My responsibility as prime minister of Israel is to provide freedom of prayer for everyone in Jerusalem, including Muslims, which is why I had to send in policemen to remove the rioters and it worked,” he said.

“When faced with violence you have to act tough,” he added.

What was astounding, while not actually surprising, was to hear an internationally lauded journalist repeat lies, push a line that blames Israel for its own victimhood, mischaracterizes the terrorism and then simply repeats in denigrating language all the falsehoods about what happened. Actual videos show that the Arabs threw rocks, that they stored incendiary devices and boulders in the mosque and actually destroyed its interior, then hurled these weapons at Jews in prayer, at police in uniform. How was this not seen by the “liberal media”?

Bennett goes so far as to point out the interviewer is lying and she resents it supremely, but what else would one call it? Here is the excerpt and a photo showing fiery device being tossed from the mosque:

“What you’ve been projecting is blatantly false,” he said. “It’s a lie, simply a lie.” “No, sir, you cannot say that to me,” she retorted. “You cannot tell me I’m lying.”

Read the story here from The Times of Israel, April 21, 2022

Palestinian rioters throw a Molotov cocktail from inside Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, on April 20, 2022. (MFA Twitter screenshot, used in accordance with Clause 27a of the Copyright Law)


Do Muslims Even Care about Al Aqsa Mosque—Or just Impugning Jews?

Read the article by Robert Walker for Honest Reporting Canada with images of the Palestinian Arab extremists’ attacks on Jews, as he challenges the mainstream media to overcome their bias and tell the public what really happened.


What has Changed Since 2001? Nothing!

Daniel Pipes is an educator, investigator, expert on Islamic expansionism, supremacism, political and religious culture, and President of the Middle East Forum. Here is what he said two decades ago on the Muslim claim to Jerusalem, a claim that cannot be substantiated.


Arab Journalist Describes Happenings in Gaza and the Disputed Territories

At a recent webinar presented by Adath Israel Synagogue, co-sponsored by CAEF, Bassam Eid, a well recognized Palestinian Arab journalist based in Bethlehem, spoke out about what is going on and his own situation as a dissenter.


Apartheid? Not in Israel, but in the Arab controlled Areas


There Really is No Justification for UNRWA to Continue


e is what the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a designated terrorist entity argues for the ongoing, never-ending, money-sucking, justification for the continuation of one refugee agency for one group rather than having all refugees served by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) which cares for millions of other refugees and has the goal of settling refugees safely and expediently in other countries if they cannot return to their home country.

“Preserving UNRWA means preserving the right of refugees to return [to their homes] and [receive] compensation in accordance with international legitimacy resolutions, and maintaining UNRWA is an important stabilizing factor and a guaranteeing factor for a development process to achieve the sustainable development goals that must include Palestinian refugees.”

This is an abomination. It calls for money to keep Palestinian Arabs in perpetual refugee status, to have them continue to reject any possible settlement in other countries. No Arab country has rushed to settle them, notwithstanding that millions are in camps in Lebanon, Jordan and also Syria. And they are the same people, as there is no distinct Palestinian ethnicity. That UNRWA might cease to exist would actually begin to solve the entire problem, first by defining who really is a refugee, by pointing out that the PA and Hamas also maintain “refugee camps” which is an outrage, discriminating amongst their own people in order to elicit tears and contrition from the West and liberal minded, human rights advocates. Question--if Arabs are living in Judea and Samaria, which they claim is their land, then how do they justify claiming refugee status?

Read the story from the Jerusalem Post by journalists KHALED ABU TOAMEH and TOVAH LAZAROFF on April 24, 2022.


There is a First for Every Thing—UN Human Rights Council Ousted a Bad State

If the UN Human Rights Council which is overfilled with tyrants and terrorists has finally taken action against one of its own stalwart non-defenders of human rights ie Russia, and tossed this member out due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, then surely the Council can toss out other abusers of human rights. This is not likely as the majority of its voting country members on the Council are human rights abusers. The UNHRC is pre-occupied most of the time with damning Israel, creating accusations and falsifying the facts. This time, they got it right; so maybe there is hope?

If you have not yet sent a submission to the Commission of Inquiry (Pillay's Inquisition) which will report soon on their investigation into Israel’s abuse of Palestinian Arabs, a claim that precludes investigation since the conclusion was formed before the investigation to ensure the report is replete with stories of abuse. They are not investigating the other side, only what they can “imagine” onto Israel. For more information, click here


Canada has its own Terrorist Dilemma - Why is the Government Not Acting?

This story requires no introduction. Canada has given safe harbor to two terrorists, and this is now well documented, and well reported by Terry Glavin in the National Post, and has been on the radar of B’nai Brith Canada for some years. Why no action Mr. Prime Minister and Ms Foreign Affairs Minister?


Afghanistan-Israel Friendship Association Writes CAEF

"I’m Karim Hakimi from Afghanistan, Manager of “Afghanistan-Israel Friendship Association” and I worked for many years in Mass media, governmental office and human right activist.

We bring for you message of peace, love, friendship and brotherhood from Afghanistan and its great pleasure and honor for Afghanistan-Israel Friendship Association to become part of combat Anti-Semitism movement and fight against all kind of hatred, racism, intolerance, violence and extremism for building a better world.

The Afghanistan-Israel Friendship Association created in 2016 in Afghanistan with the aims of below: We are a group of independent, non-political individuals from different fields who seek to establish and strengthen friendly relationship between Israeli and Afghan people based on mutual understanding and respect and, making friendship, brotherhood and coexistence between two nations.”

At the end of his letter, Mr. Hakimi writes, "I thank you in advance for your time and consideration especially from Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation to give us this chance."

For more information please visit their page on social media:



CAEF shares its advocacy work here:


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