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Never Again, Is a Lie | CAEF Bulletin, Nov 7, 2023

Some Israelis Won't Be Coming Home

Never Again is a Lie


Watch moving video message: Bring Them Home!


Bring them Home Vigil, Earl Bales Park, Toronto, October 29, 2023

On October 29, over 1000 people came together on very short notice to stand with Israel, mourn the loss of 1400 innocent lives, and speak up to bring the 230 Hostages Home. This grassroots event featured guest speaker, Israeli Canadian, Shai Deluca, renowned interior designer and television personality; Cantor Tibor Kovari; and Rabbi Philip Scheim. Members of the Jewish community who had lost loved ones or know someone whose friend or family member is being held hostage in Gaza, also spoke movingly of their loss.

Bring them Home Vigil, Earl Bales Park, Toronto, October 29, 2023

Shai Deluca, guest speaker, renowned interior designer and Ya’ara Saks, MP York Centre, Minister of Mental Health, salute the organizers and send a personal message:Bring Them Home!


Rebel News on Sunday Vigil at Earl Bales Park, Toronto:


Melissa Lantsman Stands In Solidarity With Israel


Bring them Home Car Rally, Mid-town to Downtown, Toronto, Nov. 5, 2023

This 90 car rally also came together with very short notice from a grassroots community member. Messages were circulated on social media and via personal e-mail, what’s app, and phone calls. The police provided security/safety support. Read description in the Toronto Star, Nov 5, 2023.

Toronto Car Rally, Nov. 5, 2023


Massive Community Support for Israel Consulate/UJA Rally, Toronto, Nov. 1

At Beth Tzedec, 4000+ people lined up at the security check-in. Irwin Cotler, Canada's Former Special Envoy on Preserving Holocaust Remembrance and Combatting Antisemitism from 2020-2023, addressed the crowd.

The most meaningful and poignant aspect of the program was the heartfelt, painful stories presented by 4 individuals from families who have loved ones being held hostage in Gaza. Several speakers had come directly from Israel, and some had also lost loved ones in the Hamas massacre on October 7th.

Toronto Rally and Irwin Cotler


Iranian and Jewish Canadians Stood Together Calling to List IRGC as Terrorists

October 29th was Cyrus the Great Day for Iranians, those opposed to the current Iranian Islamist regime. Organizer Salman Sima spoke of how Cyrus the Great helped the Jews return to Israel, supported freedom of religion and other liberties. The Iranians Stand with Israel message was clearly communicated.

Speakers included Goldie Ghamari, MPP Ottawa Carlton (top) and Laura Smith, MPP Thornhill (bottom left).


MP Kevin Vuong Stands Against Antisemitism and Incitement

CAEF acknowledges and thanks MP Kevin Vuong, Spadina-Fort York, for calling out the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada for being silent when there have been "grotesque displays of #antisemitism and incitement?"


Jewish Woman Punched in the Face

Olga Goldberg, a Jewish Canadian, was holding a Canadian flag and a poster of an Israeli hostage after peacefully attending two rallies on October 29th. In a seeming flash, she was surrounded by kaffiyeh wearing pro-Palestinians who punched her in the face, ripped up the poster, grabbed the flag and stomped on it. The message they sent is clear, and it isn’t about peace, ending a war, caring about Arab lives. It was about hating Canadians, hating Canada and hating Jews. In one fell swoop, they expressed their true mission.


Prayer service at Canada Christian College, Oct 29

In the photos below: Rabbi Mendel Kaplan; Rabbi Daniel Korobkin; Anita Bromberg, Shirley Anne Haber, with Amy Sky (renowned singer songwriter), Andria Spindel, and Harvey Haber.


Not our Friends

German politician arrested following Nazi salute complaints

This is Sara Jama, MPP for Hamilton Centre in Ontario Legislature. No words needed.


Follow Daily Briefing by Brig General (ret) Amir Avivi, Founder ofIsrael Defense and Security Forum

Click here or on the graphic below to register for the daily Zoom briefings.


A Million With You

Visit the A Million With You website to show the families of hostages kidnapped by Hamas in the Israeli/Gaza war that we care about them.


ZOA issued this statement: Don’t Believe Gaza Ministry of Health

Where is the Canadian government’s statement?

ZOA praised the fact that during the White House October 26 press conference, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby correctly stated: “we all know that the Gazan Ministry of Health is just a front for Hamas. It’s . . . run by Hamas, a terrorist organization. . . . We can’t take anything coming out of Hamas, including the so-called Ministry of Health, at face value.” As an example, Kirby cited the “Gaza Ministry of Health’s” false claim that an Israeli airstrike killed 500 Gazans at a hospital. “We know that’s not true,” Kirby explained, adding that the casualty numbers were much lower [actually 10-12 killed] and the strike was from a misfired terrorist rocket launched in Gaza. [The hospital was not even hit; the misfired PIJ rocket launch landed in the hospital parking lot.]

The Palestinian Authority continues to foment terror and pay Palestinian Arabs $400 million per year to murder Jews. The PA’s governing party, Fatah, is calling Hamas’ atrocities “a heroic operation,” and bragging, in support of Hamas: “Our fighters are currently recording spectacular epics of heroism and sacrifice.”

President Biden and his administration’s use of the term “extremist settlers” and their implication that these “settlers” are killing ordinary Palestinians, is a huge, dangerous, antisemitic lie and insult to the 500,000 peaceful Jews living in the historic, lawful Jewish lands of Judea/Samaria.


News stories that address antisemitism, antiZionism:


Advocacy and Action

CAEF Letter to Toronto Councilor Brad Bradford thanking him for support of Israel.

CAEF Letters to and from the CBC, Oct 26-30 regarding coverage of the Hamas massacre

Ruth Abrams’ Letter to Hon. Melanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs asking why Canada demands Israel observe international law but has failed to call out Hamas for promising more attacks against Israel.

CAEF Letter to Premier Doug Ford and Cabinet for unwavering support of Israel.

An Activist Uses an Innovative Angle to Show How Disgusting Support for Hamas Truly Is:


The Good Guys, whom we thank profusely

A letter from a Muslim to all other Muslims:

Dear Muslims,

The world is scared of us. The world is laughing at us. The world is worried about us. And there are legitimate reasons for their worry that we cannot keep denying.

It is time for us to flush the word ”Islamophobia” down the toilet and start looking in the mirror and ask ourselves:

  • How did we get here?

  • How come the largest and most thriving terrorist organizations in the world are Muslim?

  • How come terrorists successfully use Islam to mobilize thousands of Muslims?

  • What is the problem with our leaders, our Imams, and our religion?

  • Why do we keep repeating these stone-age traditions that have failed us and continue to fail us?

The world has left us behind.

The ”kuffar” that Imams tell us to hate have traveled to the future while we are still stuck in the Middle Ages reading stories about Mohammed and his flying horse.

You are reading this with your phone, tablet, or computer, which was created by the ”kuffar.”

The same ”kuffar” that we hate so much have created medicine that cures diseases. Medicine that our religion’s crystal balls failed to bring about.

The ”kuffar” have moved forward and traveled to space. Meanwhile, we are stuck on Earth in the Middle Ages, going to our poisonous mosques every Friday, reciting the same chapters and the same stories of Mohammed.

Why haven’t all of these books and teachings led to any scientific, technological, or medical advancements?

1,400 years of us, stuck, debating: ”Which is the correct sect?” ”What is the correct interpretation?” ”Who is a real Muslim? And who is a kaffer?” ”How can we convince people to become Muslims?”

Why on Earth would anyone want to become Muslim today?

They are all scared of us.

They are all laughing at us.

They are all worried about us.

Delete Israel and the West from the world, and we would still be as ignorant as we are. We would still be stabbing each other.

Stop blaming them – and look at yourselves instead. The enemy is not out there. The enemy is within.


From Imam Mohamad Tawhidi:

10 Facts About the UAE

  1. Zero terrorists in the entire country.

  2. Zero extremist leaders.

  3. Zero financing of terrorism.

  4. Zero extremist curriculums.

  5. Zero extremist schools or Mosques.

  6. Zero tolerance for hate.

  7. Zero discrimination of people.

  8. Zero institutional racism.

  9. Zero institutional misogyny.

  10. Zero time for any of the above.


Watch Goldi Ghamari, MPP, Ottawa Carlton addressing Ontario legislature:

Watch this Israeli tour guide outline all the issues and counter all the lies:

Watch Indigenous Coalition for Israel, New Zealand:

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, condemns all events supporting Hamas:


Andria Spindel and Dan Illouz, MK, at CILR program, October 10, 2023, Toronto

In Gaza there's no water to bathe children. In Kibbutz Be-eri there are no children to bathe.


From JIMENA, Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa


Anita Bromberg, CAEF President with Ben Freeman, author and advocate for Israel, at a recent event presented by AVI. Freeman is an extraordinary speaker and staunchly proud Zionist, urging all Jews to be brave, proud, loud, united, and informed about our faith, our land, and our people.


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