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Bless Israel | CAEF Bulletin, November 12, 2023

Bless Israel

CAEF extends sincerest thanks to Rev. Dr. Charles McVety and Dr. Jennifer McVety for their dedication to Israel, their recent hosting of a 1000 person strong prayer service, and their continuing friendship and support of the Jewish people. The image above is from the evening they hosted on October 29 at the Canada Christian College.

A new music video, filmed on Sunday in Whitby with three iconic singers – two Canadian and one American, was produced to let Israel know that despite extreme efforts from many quarters to terrorize them, the majority of people have their back.

The Blessing – performed by Clark Beckham, American Idol first runner-up, Mark Masri, of The Tenors, and legendary singer-songwriter Amy Sky – is an incredible passage from the bible made into an emotional video they hope millions of Jews in Israel and around the world will see as a gesture of goodwill in a world that has not shown much of that toward them in 2023.

Click here for the Toronto Sun article and then watch the video below:


Send a Blessing to all the Sons and Daughters of Israel

Watch how one Israeli family, which lost one son, sends another back to the frontline.


A Wake Up Call

The Jewish world really doesn’t need a wake-up call now. That came on October 7, 2023 but the letter below from Dr. Joan Lurie, sent on November 9th to members of the Mattathias Project, a loose affiliation of Jews across the continent who have come together to support one another and build support activities to stem antisemitism, is truly a call for more diligence as she notes the depth of hostility to Jews, to Israel and to America that is on display in NYC.

“I was walking home today in midtown Manhattan and, to my horror, there was a brightly lit up truck declaring “NYC for the Palestinians, Israel must be stopped”. This started me thinking – we need to start believing what various Palestinian entities are saying rather than take our usual ‘stop killing’ attitude. And we need to react to save ourselves and our children. So here is the shortest email I will ever write about this war: Hamas says they will keep Israel fighting forever; they will never relent and never stop killing Jews.
‘Palestine will be free from the River to the Sea’ is a declaration by Palestinians and their sympathizers of the War of Return. The Palestinians including, I presume, Hamas will take all the land currently inhabited by Israeli Jews. The implication is that all the Jews will be dead. There is a song sung in second grade in UNRWA schools that declares the remnants of the war of Return will be drowned in the Sea. Over 6.5 million Jews live in Israel. The result of the River to the Sea plan will result in more dead Jews than those killed in the Holocaust.
These two points are all you need to know to understand why Israel must keep fighting and we, the USA, must keep supporting the Israelis.”
Am Yisrael Chai!

Additional Wake Up—Say No to Handing Gaza to the PA!

Palestinian Media Watch has provided lots of information on the terror-supporting Palestinian Authority (PA) and its many member organizations. There can be no peace in Gaza under the PA, nor under the UN, nor likely under any Arab country or consortium. Israel must maintain security and re-orient Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria away for their current abhorrent anti-Jewish, murderous policies.

Read excerpt from PMW's posting on November 12, 2023:

A Fatah leader on official PA TV celebrated the massacre of women and babies as “a morning of victory, and morning of joy, a morning of pride,” and called in the name of Fatah “to all our Palestinian people to take action and participate in this story of heroism.” [Official PA TV, Oct. 8, 2023] PA and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas justified the massacres as the Palestinian “right to self-defense” and called Israel's counterattack “Israeli escalation against our people.” [WAFA, Oct. 7, 2023] PA Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh’s response to Hamas’ atrocities was calling it: “a natural result” of Israel's “crimes.” [WAFA, Oct. 7, 2023] And the PA’s official news agency WAFA publicized Fatah’s call to Palestinians to join the terror, “... to escalate the confrontation in all arenas.” [WAFA, Oct. 7, 2023] Even deep into the fighting when the extent of the atrocities was known, Fatah officials continued to refer to the slaughter as “the heroic operation.” [Al-Mashhad TV (Dubai), Oct. 17, 2023]

A Proposed Hostage Swap

Exchange each hostage for 100 Pro-Hamas US students.


The Battle Against Hamas is NOT a Local Battle

Hamas is a global threat, part of the Iranian regimes’ campaign to destroy the West, to undermine support for Israel across Arab countries and end the Abraham Accords, and to obliterate Israel in the end.

Imagine the evil that is inherent in their religious fervor and their destruction of their own ancient Persian culture. The regime is content to sacrifice Islamic lives in order to kill Jews, but it doesn’t end there. The Islamist supreme leader and his clerics, his Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp and all his militia and world-wide terrorist adherents, want to destroy our Western way of life. They do not value life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness, nor order and good government, nor diversity, equity and inclusion. Pick any set of western liberal values, and know they hate them and Islamist dominance is their only goal.

The West under the US lead, did not support the people of Iran in 2009 when they rose up to fight for their own freedom. Look now at the way the Iranian regime is killing young women who fail to wear the hijab as dictated, look at their treatment of protesters, look at their hunt for any who oppose them.

Iran is funding Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis in Yemen, and all are training their guns and rockets on Israel. Israel will win, it is in a battle for its survival but it is also in the battle to secure the west by eliminating one of the major forces of evil-Hamas.

Excerpt from a speech by Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to 80 foreign ambassadors, November 6, 2023 as reported in the Jewish Press.

In response to a question on how it is possible to assist Israel, the Prime Minister said, “First, to stand with Israel. I think that all civilized countries should stand with Israel because this is our common fight. And as I said, our battle is your battle and our victory is your victory.

Read full story:


How Many Jews has Canada Paid Palestinian Arabs to Murder?

This is not a new story. CAEF and other NGOs have repeatedly called for the Canadian government to immediately cease all funding of UNRWA and the PA until such time as the PA rescinds its law requiring a lifetime salary to murderers of Jews.

These outrageous, antisemitic, hateful policies also come with regular cost of living increases. Should the terrorist assassin be taken out by Israel, the family is then handsomely rewarded. Salaries are also adjusted for the number of Jews killed. This has been so well documented and reported to the Liberal government that one has to ask, “ What is Canada’s motivation in funding the education of Arabs to kill Jews?”

The previous Conservative government of Canada had withdrawn funding, which the Liberals restored and have increased. Some serious accountability is required.

Read Avi Benlolo, Founder and CEO of AGPI, in the National Post:


Watch panel on Antisemitism on Campus

Presented by Beth Tikvah Synagogue, co-sponsored by CAEF and other NGO’s, on November 8, 2023.

Palestine is the only country in the world that didn't exist BEFORE IT WAS "OCCUPIED"


Advocacy and Action

CAEF acknowledges and thanks MP Kevin Vuong, Spadina-Fort York, for calling out the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada for being silent when there have been "grotesque displays of #antisemitism and incitement?"

Canadians Sign Here: Demand Prime Minister Justin Trudeau exercise pressure to have Hamas release all hostages.

CAEF Letter to Toronto Mayor Chow re attack on a Jewish woman and danger of pro-Palestinian protests

CAEF Letter to The Toronto Star about pro-Palestinian attack on a Jew in Toronto

Write to donors to Canadian universities and tell them to stop funding any and all universities until they adopt and implement the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism. Campus antisemitism is at dangerous levels and any administration that refuses to adopt the IHRA working definition and show it's acting on it isn’t one to support.

Read letter by Bonnie Bereskin to Brookfield re Antisemitism at Toronto Metropolitan University. Construct your own. Find out who the big donors are by simply reading the annual report of a university and then google the Chief executive of the company or foundation. Don’t hesitate.

Letter from Larry Shapiro, Calgary, to Toronto Chief of Police Demkiw regarding a Muslim consultant's behaviour.

Letter from Larry Shapiro, Calgary to Berkeley Chancellor re Stopping Anti-Jewish Racism.

Letter from Larry Shapiro, Calgary to President of UBC re antisemitic language of Professor Hicham Safieddine.

Letter from Larry Shapiro to Harvard Prof. Penslar re his position that Israel is an apartheid state.

Letter from Richard Sherman, Florida, to The Guardian, re: misnomering of Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP). (Note, in Canada, Independent Jewish Voices (IJV) bears the same misnormer in its antiZionist political stance.)

Letter from Richard Sherman to Boston Globe re treatment of Jewish students at MIT.

Letter from Richard Sherman, Florida, to the Sentinel, re: War Crimes committed by Hamas using human shields

Letter from Richard Sherman to the NY Post, re foreign funding to universities shows where the highest levels of antisemitism on campus exist.

Letter from Richard Sherman to NY Times re Unconditional Surrender: Abe, FDR, Harry and Bibi

Letter from Etta Kaner to Red Cross re where is their aid and support for hostages, and response


Watch B’nai Brith Canada video below on how Gaza has spent billions of dollars, not building its society but planning and executing a massacre. This is misuse of Canadian and other donor funds.

Write to Hon. Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs and your MP, and demand CANADA CANCEL ALL FUNDS TO UNRWA, TO THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY AND ANY NGO THAT CLAIMS TO AID GAZA. FUNDS TO GAZA ARE STOLEN BY HAMAS. Hamas leaders are billionaires living in Qatar.

Hon. Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0A6


Watch video of a Magen David for the Hostages:

We Are Still Standing


Voices of Reason

These days the voices of reason seem few and far between. Post them, share them, invite others to speak up, and never give up.


Watch Arnold Schwartznegger’s 'Anti-Hate' Message Amidst Israel-Hamas War


Watch this SNL-style parody, a spoof on Hamas and its supporters


Watch Dr. Qanta Ahmed, Senior Fellow at the International Women’s Forum:


Toronto Acts to Support Freeing Hostages from Gaza


UJA and Israeli Consulate Vigil

UJA and Israeli Consulate Vigil


KIDNAPPED - Israeli hostage photos at Yonge & Eglinton, Toronto. #BRINGTHEMHOME


Empty place settings at City Hall. Bottom photo shows Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow.

Empty place settings at City Hall. Bottom photo shows Raheel Raza, president of Muslims Facing Tomorrow.


November 12 Rally at Christie Pits, Toronto where thousands gathered in Solidarity with the Hostages. Supported by both Iranian people and Ukrainian people, both of whom are fighting evil in their homeland

November 12 Rally at Christie Pits, Toronto where thousands gathered in Solidarity with the Hostages. Supported by both Iranian people and Ukrainian people, both of whom are fighting evil in their homeland.

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